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So let's see here:
- The official name is Nintendo Switch
- The Hybrid rumors are true!
- We've got NBA 2K and from the looks of it, Skyrim.
- A new 3D Mario game!
- What looks like Splatoon 2
- The March 2017 release date is still on.
God Damn It, I want more!!!!!!

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Well at least it`s not another Wii, but the Nintendo Switch? That`s a pretty poor name right there.

Haven`t seen what I need to see to decide if I`m ever going to buy it or not yet, but at the very least the detachable controller things didn`t look anywhere near as bad as they were made out to be, mainly because they can be used as part of a regular controller instead of using them as awkward half controller things.

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Barkley said:
Well it doesn't look as massive as I feared, so as a handheld it looks really good actually, but as a home console I don't think it's going to be that MUCH stronger than the WiiU...

Lets hope there is something on that stand to beef it up a bit. It seemed thick enouff to hold another gpu in it.

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I'm confused. Does the docking base is just a base (looks like) or does is it a power dock that offers extra power and stuff?

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Early prediction - this thing won't sell well.

So pretty much what the rumors told us. A hybrid console that can be connected to a TV via a docking station with detachable controllers. Nintendo going for another gimmick to capture the casuals/non-gamers. I will be passing on this one until the game library beefs up.

Skyrim is a 2011 game :(. The Mario switch part went too fast :( No surprises :(

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vivster said:

So it's even worse than a hybrid. It's just a handheld with an HDMI dock. Or is it?

I knew this preview wouldn't give us any new information.

WHAT? this thing is everything, are you in your whiny character right now?

Have they given the press a list of games coming to it?
So far system itself looks great (full hybrid like I wanted, IF i understood correctly, watched it without audio), but no games.