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KingCherry said:
WolfpackN64 said:

I would like to adress one thing. There is NO such thing as "cultural Marxism".

...Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness.

It can't be a branch of anything since it doesn't exist. The largest cultural theory in Marxist thought is the Cultural Hegemony theory by Antonio Gramsci and it describes how ruling elites manage to inscribe their values and ideas into the lower classes of society against these classes best interests.

Multiculturalism is something entirely different and Political Correctness has nothing to do with either.

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If the report recommended that the media changes how it reports in relation to other minorities as well it would have more legitimacy. For instance, Antiemitism is also a growing problem in the UK and incidents rise every time there is a flare-up in Gaza, but the report makes no suggestion that the press changes how it covers Israel or anything else related to Jews. If you're going to limit freedom of the press and information for one ethnic group the same standards should apply when reporting on other ethnic groups.

Normchacho said:
Lawlight said:

Aren't Islamist attacks hate crime as well?

Yes they are. Though I don't see how that relates to what I said?

It relates to your post because your post mentions rise in hate crime. 

Scoobes said:
KingCherry said:

1. Third World immigration, absolutely bleeding local councils dry. Where I live, most of the children and families living in poverty are the native Brits. Migrants get pushed to the front of the que. This in turn makes the locals bitter, and they're then branded racist for daring to complain. A totally miserable situation.

2. The UK is absolutely crumbling, and in my personal opinion, forced mass immigration is to blame. I see absolutely no benefit in a Somalian family arriving here here with 7 kids, to be housed, educated, given free healthcare and cash, with the family having zero intention of working. What makes it even more insulting, is we're supposed to be grateful for their diversity, they don't bring anything to the table and they're not wanted or needed here.

Blame cultural Marxism and The Frankfurt School...

As for not being allowed to name terrorists if they're Muslim? They're already kept off the chart for racist attacks and murder, see Charlene Downs & Paige Chivers for a great example, all in the name of social cohesion. This is just another page in the Leftie diversity book.

Oh, where to start with this. 

1. Immigration is a scapegoat for a significant lack of investment over the years. The Government of recent years made the mistake of assuming everything the Government spent money had a net loss for the Treasury (ignoring proper costs analysis or the medium to long-term effects of investment). A lot of the areas they've cut over the years are actually of benefit to the treasury in the medium to long-term in terms of increased tax revenue.

When you don't invest properly in local businesses, hospitals, schools, social care etc. you effectively bleed the councils dry before they've even had a chance to allocate the funding. Instead of blaming our politicians for their incompetence we seem to be blaming immigrants which effectively gives their incompetence a free pass.

Also, migrants don't get pushed to the front of the queue. Not even EU migrants get pushed to the front as they have specific eligibility criteria they need to meet, same as the locals. Now, either the migrants getting these benefits are a lot worse off than you think or you need to complain about the way the Government setup the eligibility criteria. Non-EU migrants are in an even worse as they have even stricter criteria to meet. 

2. What you described is most likely a refugee situation, and in those cases the families don't have the right to work and therefore can't rather than won't. Also, the family you describe are incredibly poor compared to the vast majority of people in the Country which contradicts your point about most poor being local Brits. Even then, its not exactly difficult to imagine most of the poor being local Brits considering they make up most of the UK population. 

Furthermore, if we look at actual economic migrants, they pay more in taxes than they take out in benefits, NHS, school and social care costs. The data is all there and flies in the face of the rhetoric in the papers. 

Currently in the UK we have some of the most incompetent and shameful politicians for generations (across the whole political spectrum), but people still just want to blame it on immigrants and let the politicians shit all over us.  

I dont know about the rest of your post since i dont live in the uk but i have family who live there and i go visit. But ill tell you here in ireland the bolded is very much true and a number of my family members have said its the same in the UK. Hell over here in Ireland if your a refugee your pretty much giving a house as soon as you come well our own are left with such a hard time to get a house.

England done the right thing leaving the EU and i hope Ireland will do the same thing and fuck the euro give us back our punt!!.

There will always be a Fascist respons to everything that goes against their agenda. They want multiculturalism for a Odd reason all over the West but no one is playing by these Fascist rules and lies. There is no need for whatever they try to do.


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They're trying to control a difficult situation. Extreme Islamophobia will only help terrorists recruit & cause community tensions, hate crimes etc. Unfortunately a fair portions of the population can't contextualise terrorist attacks without directing hate to a whole community.

I don't think they should lie about anything but I think its a responsible thing to not overplay the religious aspect to a terrorist attack.

Normchacho said:

Funny how you have two stories on the same report where one talks about the EU DEMANDING! that British media stop pointing out when a terrorist is muslim, and another that talks about how white nationalism and hate crimes are on the rise in the UK.

But this exactly outlines the reasoning. Those white natioanlism crimes are driven by news regarding immigrants and terorist attcks etc. Considering the white nationalism crimes aren't exactly a solution to to the problem we're facing, why encourage them? They're crimes for a reason, its in the interest of no one for the UK to have to deal with more problems. The UK media have very little influence over terrorist activity. 

Reading that article, everything sounded fine for a good while. Then I came across this:

“In this context, it draws attention to a recent study by Teeside University suggesting that where the media stress the Muslim background of perpetrators of terrorist acts, and devote significant coverage to it, the violent backlash against Muslims is likely to be greater than in cases where the perpetrators’ motivation is downplayed or rejected in favour of alternative explanations.”

No, just no. I'm OK with not stressing the background too much, but downplaying or rejecting it is equally bad. Media should strive to expose the truth first, not hide it (which is, I suppose, an idealistic statement).

Barozi said:
"ordering" ? Typical anti EU bullshit and people like you are falling for it.

Some facts:
1. The ECRI is not the EU. Just like a British policeman is not the United Kingdom.
2. The ECRI doesn't have the power to order a country to do anything.
3. The article even calls it "recommendation" and that's exactly what this is.

You and your facts. The OP is not interested in those. He just wants drama and jstification for the brexit mistake. But alas, he will realise it as time goes by.

You know... t is ironic how Britain fought the discriminating nazi's in a world war and now here we are. The tables reversed. Pretty crazy.

Reporting facts is not discrimination. And all facts should be reported. This is an excellent example of the flaw of the EU, and of giant bureaucracies in general. The idea that the think they should filter the information the public receives is sickening.