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Are you getting Color Splash?

Yes, definitely day 1 55 23.31%
Yes, later at some point 73 30.93%
No, but maybe when is cheaper 47 19.92%
No, Never 30 12.71%
I don't own a WiiU 31 13.14%

Metacritic: 78    Opencritic: 78

Cheat Code Central: Most of the time, it's the kind of game that simply brings a smile to your face as you enjoy the fresh world and amusing dialogue. If it weren't for the tedious side effects of the card system and the disappointingly unoriginal cast, it could be a genuine Game of the Year award contender. 4/5

TrustedReviews: It won’t do much for those crying out for a proper Mario adventure on Wii U, but Paper Mario: Color Splash is a lively cocktail of Mario, RPG and papercraft puzzle-solving with funny dialogue and a surreal, self-aware sense of humour. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s a great game for those who get its lovable oddball vibe. 4/5

Meristation: What begins as a Sticker Star 2.0 grows more confident and slowly becomes a great Paper Mario on its own. There still are some issues, but it's great that Intelligent Systems has found its right direction. 87/100

Destructoid: Paper Mario: Color Splash is a charming journey that will delight your senses, your funny bone, and the part of your brain that houses your nostalgic feelings towards Nintendo. 85/100

FNintendo: Paper Mario: Color Splash brings a delightfully funny plot to an involving and extraordinary adventure that can keep the player in front of the Wii U for over 50 hours of gameplay. With its lovely visual presentation, exquisite soundtrack and well implemented gameplay mechanics, Paper Mario: Color Splash is set to be one of the Wii U's most outstanding titles in the console's still growing catalogue. 9/10

IGN: The beautiful Wii U graphics and playful humor stay true to the spirit of the Paper Mario franchise, but the story is straightforward and a bit bland. 73/100

XGN: Is the Wii U dead? Not by a long shot. Paper Mario Color Splash is good for adults and for kids. The game offers a nice combination of action, RPG and adventure. 8/10

Good Is A Geek: Minor crinkles can’t stop Paper Mario from being a frankly excellent experience and one that you, yes you, should play. 85/100

EGM: Color Splash presents a beautifully crafted paper and cardboard world, populated by witty paper Toads and existential minions. Though it’s got its share of backtracking and battle system quirks, the new painting mechanics are satisfying, and the mini-story arcs are almost creative and clever enough to make you forget that your princess is (yet again) in another castle. 80/100

Kotaku: Color Splash is so damned imaginative and beautiful, though, so colorful and confidently funny. Even when it annoyed me, it was only fleetingly. It makes the abstract world of Mario so personable. Its gentle, playful weirdness and irreverence contrast so positively with the prevailing seriousness of fall’s big games. It also has the kind of originality that I desperately wanted and never got from Paper Jam Bros. Apart from Zelda, it will be the last big Wii U game, and it embodies so much of what makes its host console lovable.

IGN Italy: Paper Mario: Color Splash is an engrossing journey and a funny and colorful game. It plays a lot like Sticker Star, but does everything better. 90/100

Digital Chumps: It’s no Thousand-Year Door, but Color Splash really does provide an overarching sense of consonance which was conspicuously absent from Sticker Star and even Super Paper Mario. It’s a good balance of humor, environment, variety, and casual puzzle elements. 84/100

A whimsical and enchanting experience from beggining to end, it reminds me to TYD in terms of scope, charm and sense of adventure. I liked it a lot.

Paper Mario: Color Splash is an absolute delight. 90/100

Paper Mario: Color Splash feels like the last hurrah of the dying Wii U. The game has an interesting combat system and a very good music, that shows what Nintendo can do when they put their minds to it. 80/100



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I'm going to say 79. I don't see it scoring lower than Sticker Star.

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I'm going with somewhere between 78 - 82

I predict 80-85 on Metacritic.

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80 plus, it seems to be shaping up to be a decent game, many that have done previews have said good things about it.

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I predict 80-85, at the very least it seems to be what Sticker Star aimed for but done right, and previews have said good things about this game.


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Wow, Sticker Star got 75 on metacritic? Then Color Splash has to be at least an 80, maybe even 85.



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Low 80s. This has to score better than Sticker Star, because then people can shut up about it being just another Sticker Star.

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Probably around 72.