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Turkish said:

The article was up yesterday, which means last week. "launch" in this case means "announced"

Aint no hardware sitting in supply chains ready to be shipped to stores worldwide in less than a week without leaks. This is no Saturn launch.

This was my immediate thought. It will be announced in two days with a potential release date during the holidays (probably mid-late November).


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Slim ended up in the wild 2 weeks ago and somehow Neo hasn't, i don't buy that at all.

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Personall I like to know a little bit ahead of time what the plans are, obviously since the leaks I've known, but I would think when you do an event like this, releasing it within a month for an upgraded device might make some people fill ripped off that dont follow the rumourstreams, well, for me personally it doesnt matter either way, I wont be picking it up, but it will be an interesting event, new hardware is always exciting

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Nah. The earliest the Neo will launch is next month.

More interested if the rumors of a handheld device is true.

Neo - I might buy it in the future or wait for a even more upgraded/new PS system then :P

Though personally more excited to see if there will be new announcements of games.


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Next week from which date?
The meeting? TGS?

Please launch this year Sony. Do it. I'm ready.


edit: also, there won't necessarily be too much notice about a hardware leak before launch. Pretty sure the x1S got leaked just the same day that it got announced, the situation with Ps4S is highly unusual in that people got the console before there were even really strong rumors suggesting its existence. There's no reason why that couldnt be a unique situation and the Neo is a better kept secret.

It's going to be released in the first week of November

Damn, i have to sleep right now to reach Sept 7th! :O

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I highly doubt they'll release it next week.