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Yesterday at GamesCom I had 3 PSVR sessions (Resident Evil 7, Farpoint and Robinson: The Journey)

The PSVR hugs my face much more comfortable than I expected ;) It is quite comfortable, but I still doubt that I will use one of the current VR-devices for longer game sessions, I'll probably prefer several shorter sessions (one or two hours max) with pauses.

Although I was wise to the fact, that 1920x1080 stretched to a much wider viewing angle ain't as sharp as 1080p on a TV or PC monitor, that was my main disappointment. Especially Resident Evil 7 had some very annoying aliasing and jaggies, the other two games hid the limitations of the resolution better. But the immersion of being in that virtual scenario with the ability to look around by turning the head and proper proportions of objects and subjects makes the lower pixel density all up.

There was no lag: when I moved my head, the camera followed instantly... so that's good.

I was playing RE7 comfortably sitting and with the DualShock 4. You focus objects by looking at them, the gamepad buttons work the same as in the normal mode. If you push the right stick to left or right, your perpective changes in 30 degree steps. So if you go into a room with a dead end and want to turn around, you have to push the stick 6 times for a 180... the Sony guy assured me that you can chose other setting, I'd probably choose 90 degree steps or a free camera movement.

The Farpoint demo was my highlight. I was playing it in standing position with the "PSVR aim controller": http://www.roadtovr.com/farpoint-psvr-aim-controller-playstation-vr-aim-e3-2016-hands-on/

That game is so much fun and the controls worked perfectly. It would also work great in a sitting position, only for grabbing a new gun you have to lean forward a bit.

Robinson I played again sitting and with a controller, but I suppose Move controllers are a better choice for this game, especially for the climbing sequences and grabbing/throwing objects. The Dino jungle looks gorgeous, the best graphics I have seen on PSVR yet.

I also wanted to try out HTC Vive, but all appointments for that day were taken 2 minutes after they let the first people in. :(

If you also tried one of the VR head sets, please tell about your experiences.

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Sweet I have only tried Steam VR (3 weeks ago) and I was similarly impressed.

I've tried The Getaway and Thumper with PSVR and really enjoyed both of them.

I've had mine pre ordered for months now too. Just waiting for 10/13...

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It's a shame that you couldn't try the Vive. It's the best of all three headsets. I wont't buy one, because my room isn't big enough. But it's really cool. I've tried all three headsets, but I'm not sure if I'll buy a VR headset any time soon, because they're really expensive and I don't know how many games will support VR. I'll wait and see how much support they'll get.

The taste of VR cherry chap stick

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I just browsed through my GamesCom pix... PSVR looks the best, especially with Batman-headphones:


BraLoD said:
The taste of VR cherry chap stick

Good to know I'm not the only one who thought that

RavenXtra said:
BraLoD said:
The taste of VR cherry chap stick

Good to know I'm not the only one who thought that

Still got it on preorder, I want it but hopefully I have the funds by then.

Did you have a headache?