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Which is better?

Yoshi's Island 42 30.22%
Mario 64 97 69.78%

Yoshi's Island, no doubt, it has aged way better than Mario 64 in every sense and is a blast to play even today, Mario 64 still fun, but certainly not as much.

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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:
Yoshi's Island, no doubt. This game was part of my childhood.

I only played Mario 64 years after.

I read this as 'you played Mario, but 64 years later' for a second there.

Yoshi's Island for me, it's timeless. Graphics still like great, gameplay is still good and it probably has the best bosses of any game in that universe.

Mario 64 is still very good, but has dated more in terms of both looks and gameplay

I'd go with Mario 64.

Mario 64. I just lost myself exploring every inch of those levels.

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Mario, by a long shot. 3D games wouldn't be what they are today without it.

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leedlelee said:
Super Mario 64 for me...
While Yoshi's Island looks pretty, I find it incredibly slow and tedious; it's quite possibly the most overrated game I've ever played...

Mario 64 is in the same boat, kinda boring games that don't come remotely close to Bros. 3 or World, that came before them.

So, SO overrated. Galaxy was when it finally came back to greatness. 3D World is also way, way better than them.

Super Mario 64

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This is a really hard one for me. 64 is definitely the more influential and groundbreaking of the two, and changed the industry forever, but Yoshi is more polished and timeless. Ultimately, I went with Yoshi, but only by the narrowest of margins.

Both are, in my opinion, among the greatest games ever made.

I would say Mario 64, but only because they had to re-write the book on all of it. It was all knew ground and they handled the transition beautifully.

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