Souls and Borne ain't hard...as games go. You know whats actually difficult?

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They have hard parts, but indeed, are not hard.
They are punitive. If you mess up it's on you, no holding hands here.

They are fair games.
Instead of unfair hardness as most of the old games, or unfair easiness of most of the new games.

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I agree with anyone who says Ninja Gaiden Black. Fuck, was that hard as hell..

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Plerpy_ said:
COKTOE said:

For me, the most difficult part of Borderalnds 2 was that it was a glitch filled nightmare. I lost crazy amounts of time with crap like frozen bosses, doors that wouldn't open, ect.  

Never ran into many glitches. The only one I can think of is getting stuck unable to move after a respawn if I was in someone elses games.

Oh man. It was tough on me from the begining to the bitter end. Out of sheer spite, I earased all my save data from my PS3, and then took it to Gamestop for store credit as soon as I got the platinum trophy. I'm a collector, so I never do this usually.

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AlfredoTurkey said:
Bloodborne isn't 'hard'... it's unfair. When you defeat an enemy or boss, you have defeated them. You earned the XP. To be forced to manually find a save point to keep said XP is the definition of unfair.

If the game wasn't an RPG which relied on leveling up (yes, 99% of people need to level up to have a chance in that game), then ok. But since you do, the formula is unfair imo. Either I earn it, or you take it away and if you're taking it away, then you have an unfair game on your hands.

You obviously have not played Bloodborne if you say that.

You literally can save anywhere in any of the Souls games or Bloodborne just by exiting the game. When you start up the game again you will appear where you last exited the game even if it means you are falling off a cliff or dying. There is no save spot in any of the games I mentioned.

What I think you are getting at (using Bloodborne as the example) is the blood echoes you get from defeating any enemy including bosses. If you die you don't permanently lose all your blood echoes but you are resurrected in Hunter's Dream or the last Lantern. If you can get to where you last died you can always get your echoes back although you may have to fight an enemy to do so. Die before you get your blood echoes back and they are lost for good. Why is that unfair?

Bloodborne even has a consumable item (can buy or find) you can use to teleport back to Hunter's Dream without losing any of your Blood Echoes.

Like the Souls games Bloodborne has an area (The Lecture Theater) where you can easily get over 10,000 blood echoes at a time (approx 5 minutes) so losing a few thousand blood echoes is not that big of a deal although over 50,000 can be a pita but you really do have to ask the question why did you not use those blood echoes to buy items, weapons, clothing or upgrade (levelling) your stats (the Doll is quite amenable)?

In Bloodborne if you pick up an item other than blood echoes you won't lose them if you die.

If you really do feel Bloodborne is unfair although I will concede that it won't baby you, then you have three choices. 1) Get Gud. 2) Get Bttr. 3) Don't play the game.

PS. I do agree that leveling is pretty much essential in Bloodborne although it would surprise me if some have compleated the game at a very low level (ie. "Waste of Skin"). In Dark Souls, I could easily remain at level 15 right up to and including Anor Londo although there are some who can remain at level 1 (Pyromancer). The main reasons why I l play these games is they teach me patience and perseverance and I have great time learning them.

BraLoD said:

They have hard parts, but indeed, are not hard.
They are punitive. If you mess up it's on you, no holding hands here.

They are fair games.
Instead of unfair hardness as most of the old games, or unfair easiness of most of the new games.

I plat'd Bloodborne which is still among the easist plat's I've gotten. After that first stretch to the first lamp its just an easy ass game with the odd bit that might trip you up here and there. Playing Devil may cry on Dante must die or God of war 3 on that one god difficulty is an absolute combination on apptiude, preperation and skill which souls is not. You'll understand that when you reach a point in a good fast paced slasher like DMC4 or the new one where you start hitting buttons and stringing combos before you can even think about it and you get this smooth train of thought where you're able to react at surprising speed. It astonished me that the imput lag on the controller back in the ps2 days on CRT was the limit at which you could take these hack and slash games, one of the reasons the old DMC's don't hold up but now that the speeds are lighting quick (offline anyway) the limits of how good you can get with these games is on you. Souls is an intentionally slow horde mode where your willingness to play better and faster is what gets you killed 90% of the time.


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The end boss on the highest difficulty in bound by flame was hard, oh my god, apart from that I find many games hard, just because I am a older gamer, not that fast and don't excell in any genre apart from strategy games on pc :(

I did finish Bloodborne btw, but only because some guys helped me against the old hunter on the graveyard I really got smashed endlessly by that guy lol

Also, the end boss in Final Fantasy 13 was increadibly hard without me grinding for ages to become OP

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I started Gargoyle's Quest just yesterday. Holy fuckballs, that game is insanely hard! D=

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sundin13 said:
Cave Story's Hell was pretty tough...

Just what I was thinking. I just beat it, too.

I'm now filled with determination.

All those games i played on amstrad were hard , no save point you must start all over.

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