Batman: The Killing Joke horrifyingly objectifies and victimizes Batgirl! SPOILERS!!!

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Wow, I am completely shocked. When I heard Tara Strong, Mark Hammil, and Kevin Conroy were coming back to do one last movie I was blown away in excitement. Then I heard there was going to be added story to flesh out Batgirl a little and was even MORE excited....

And then I seen it...

When she's not getting beat up, she is being raped or chasing Batman (like a girl who "likes likes" a guy chasing Batman). The only scene of her winning a fight is to show she can't handle being a super hero, so she quits.

It's not just a movie I will never be able to show my daughter (which I initially eventually was going to, she's a bit young now), but one I would be embarrased to show my girlfriend. 

If anyone thinks Bayo is bad because the title character is being sexually objectified, watch this movie....

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So....is that the same as the source material or is it something that the director/writer added to the movie?

I still plan to watch the movie - been waiting to watch another animated movie from the batman universe ever since I went on a marathon last year.


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I am fairly sure this is quite close to the source material.

Some podcast I was listening to some time go talked about this. So I had to go and read about it. I was quite horrified.

The source material may be a little more violent? I rather not try and remember it, I was quite shocked by it.

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I don't recall her actually being raped in the comic, but yes, she was victimized. That was kind of the point, tbh.

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We pretty much knew all this from the comics. You're late to this.

Whatever. Go cry about it somewhere else.

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Since it is based on the source material... I don't think there is anything wrong with the movie tbh if they were faithful to it.


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I know this.  I read the the graphic novel back in 2008 and it had been out for 20 years before.  You're just discovering this????