So do u like the new pokemon trailer?

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Possibly the first gen where the water type isn't my starter of choice. Rowlet looks too awesome, the seal looks too goofy. A lot could change with their final forms though.

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Yoooooo fan art makes me want this lol

Poor Popplio, no one seems to like it Personally it's my favorite starter of this gen, with Rowlet close behind.

StarOcean said:
mZuzek said:

Well I don't apply.

I thought Oshawott was meh, and I think Samurott is meh.
I thought Froakie looked promising, and I think Greninja is awesome.
I think Popplio is crap, and I'm pretty sure it won't be much better in the end.

Popplio waill be badass in his third form <3 just you wait

No matter how much it changes there's no erasing the stain of it's first form...

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I like all of them now. If Litten becomes a poison type i might have the hardest time choosing a starter. Lol

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spemanig said:
think-man said:
I can't say im that impressed to be honest. Looks like the same game with a new title. In saying that If my gf wants it then i'll buy and play with her

I genuinely cannot understand how someone can unironically say that. It literally has the most different visual design of any Pokemon game ever made. It's like looking at the jump from FF9 to FF10 and saying "hur-dur same game new title." This isn't even opinion. This is factually the most different Pokemon has ever looked between two games. SM's overworld looks like XY/ORAS's cutscenes.


Looks completely different from this:

No offense, but people like you (and it's not just you - I've been hearing this from a lot of people) have absolutely no idea what-so-ever of what you guys are talking about.

I dunno, I've played and owned at least one pokemon game every generation except black/white 2. The last 3 entries i haven't even gotten all the gym badges before giving up( on Y i got 4 before quitting). Judging from this trailer, i didnt get that "fresh" feeling. It sucks though cause as a kid Pokemon was life lol I wish it still excited me the same way, FF strangely does but i think thats because every title is completely different from its predecessor. I only mentioned FF cause FF and Pokemon were my two favourite games growing up.

Ka-pi96 said:
StarOcean said:

Popplio waill be badass in his third form <3 just you wait

No matter how much it changes there's no erasing the stain of it's first form...

I think his first form is amazing. It may be one of my favorite first forms to date

Chazore said:
Cloudman said:

Surprisingly, the other 2 are growing on me. Initially I hated them all.

Owl was probably the only one that roughly interested me but as long as the later evos look good then I could be sold on all 3. Tbh there hasn't been a single Pokemon game where I liked all 3 started 3 forms, there have been some where I love the first and second, sometimes their second and third forms, never all 3 in a row for all 3 of them per gen.

Yeah, final forms are pretty dang important cuz that's the one you're gonna stick with at the end.

I have liked all the starters with RB and SG, but after RS that hasn't been the case.. : T



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Well so far we now have a near full set:

Anyone know who will be Gamagori?.


Acevil said:
Litten is lit af!

His final form is going to be fire/dark. I can feel it.