Which new GAME announcements you want at E3?

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Crash Bandicoot 4 on PS4 and I will die in peace!!!

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Farcry 5.

The Elder Scrolls 6.

and a new Megaman Game.

Red Dead Redemption 2.
Dragon Age 4.

Chrono Cross 2, Legend of Dragoon 2, Ar nosurge 2, SMT V (for PS4).

Considering the current rockstar PS2 to PS4 conversions (Max Payne is now on there), I am expecting:

RDRevolver (PS4 Classic)
Spiderman Movie title
Crash Bandicoot

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

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New 3D Metroid
Red Dead 3
New 3D Mario
Dragon's Dogma 2
Dead Space 4, something closer to the first one

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Final Fantasy Type Next or Type-1 or whatever it will be the name of type-0 successor
Spiderman made by Sucker punch
A mecha game for PS VR by Kojima production
A brand new football (soccer for americans) game by 2K
Top spin 5
Red dead redemption 2
A new JRPG by SIE Japan Studio (or The legend of dragoon 2)
A new 3D Metroid
Devil may cry 5 or at least MG Rising 2, i absolutely need a new stylish hack'n slash
Sunset overdrive 2 (hope multiplatform)
A new Prince of Persia or a spiritual successor of the 2008's game
A remake of Demon's souls with the sixth archstone included

I dunno, FFXII HD?? Sad that I can't even think of shit right now.

  • Grandia 4 
  • Shining force 3 collection 
  • Shining force 4 (strategy RPG - no bull)
  • Golden sun 3DS
  • Wild arms 6
  • Wild arms HD collection with Alter F, 4 and 5.
  • Final fantasy tactics 2
  • New Chrono
  • Xenogears remake
  • Suikoden 6... but i'm not sure there will ever be a chance for it.
  • new Legacy of kain
  • God of war 4
  • New home console Tenchu
  • Elder scrolls 6
  • Resident evil 7


-A new Megaman game.Specially a new Megaman X game.X is needing a reboot so badly, since its story is convoluted and downright full of holes.

-A new Golden Sun
-A new Metroid game
-Chrono Break/or a new true entry in the Chrono trigger franchise
-A sequel to Dragons Crown.that game was awesome.
-A damn release date for KH 3.The wait is killing me.
-This one is far out there, but a new entry in the Heroes of Might and Magic that is as good as Heroes of Might and Magic III.