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In gaming, do you believe Nintendo and Sony parallel Apple and Microsoft in the PC business?

Yes 34 15.81%
No 154 71.63%
Somewhat 27 12.56%
nitus10 said:
JRPGfan said:


Sony is like apple. In terms of presentations, simplisity & design.


Sony has this guy:


He reminds me abit of Steve Jobs.

He has fantastic presence when he talks, and he can make things that seem complex really easy to understand.

Hes a superstar and a genius.

Well worth watching. He kept the presentation simple and yet if he was speaking to colleages or scientists he would be just as comfortable speaking to them at their level of understanding. This is how a professional should convey inforation to their target audience.  

There are other interviews which I will look at later.

Thanks for that.

Yeah, I saw that one too before. It was pretty interesting to see how he came to work on PS4.
A non-Japanese being the lead architect for PS4 seems quite unexpected.

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Azuren said:
FunFan said:

Nope. I just liked his posts. And I'm dissapointed he is gone. Same thing for the tachikoma.

Still very strange to have his avatar in your sig.

I only intended it as tribute. But I changed the sig so that you don't lose sleep over my strangeness.

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