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I got the Nathan Drake collection and as of right now there's so many problems with Uncharted Drake' Fortune! If this is a remaster... the orignal is probably more crappier than this. I hope Uncharted 2 and 3 are more better thant this. Here's a list of cons of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune so far   

Lack of Checkpoints: I'm here fighting my way through chapters and I die.. next thing I have to fight the past 2 previous gang of enemies AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. What makes a bad game is lack of checkpoints. When I die I rage. Naughtydog now I know why you got ur name. Ur bad muts on making a game!

Enemies take too much damage: So I have a assault rifle and I'm shooting this enemy for about 2 full seconds, I run out and i'm reloading whlle THE ENEMY IS STILL ALIVE AND KILLS ME. I also got this shotgun and took FOUR SHOTS to actually kill someone with it.  Like wtf??? Why do these players eat so much damn bullets??? Do they want me to shoot my Playstation for real???!!

7.8 TOO MUCH WEAPONS:  There's lots of weapons everywhere!! And its a NEGATIVE THING.  I have a good weapon and i run out of bullets because I wasted all my ammo on 3 guys who just wouldnt die! I go try to pick up there ammo AND THEY DONT HAVE THE SAME GUN AS ME. Why would you give me a gun in the 1st place without giving me proper ammo?! Like seriously?!... I hate switching weapons. "Oh its part of the game" well that part of the game sucks!

You have to stand in a certain spot to pick up ammo/weapons: Yes this game does give you ammo for the same weapon. But you stand in a certain area to pick it up!! I can stand RIGHT INFRONT OF THE AMMO I WANT and it wont give me the option to pick it up.      

The jumps when climbing is horrible:  The jumping and climbing is bad!  I can try to jump ledge to ledge and Drake will just allow himself to dropdown and kill himself. Like wtf?? 

Confusing Legend of Zelda stuff: I love Zelda... but Uncharted should try to stay away from it. I finally get a checkpoint about 20 minutes later after defeating a whole army of bots and they dont give me ammo.... WHERE AM I SUPPOSE TO GO?! I literally use the hint feature each time I need to go somewhere. Its naughtydogs way of saying "Oh you know what, yeah us muts messed up. here, take this hint feature" THANK YOU FOR THIS! Maybe Uncharted 2 and 3 wont be this bad.

Recovering is too slow: I'm constanly  shooting and running back to recover and its too damn slow! its like they designed this game for you to die!

Nathan Drake himself is too slow: He needs a run button or something!! While I'm running back trying to recover I get killed while running! In GTA you tap X t run faster. In Zelda you roll to go faster, In COD you click the analog stick to run. but in Uncharted  theres nothing.

This game is way too hard and frustating. i got this game for 36 dollars and im SO GLAD I didnt get this game at full price. I'm actually suprised they remastered this game and it still seems broken and poorly designed. I'm not statisfied with Uncharted 2 and 3. I wont get Uncharted 4. I give Drake's Fortune a 5.5/10.      

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Well it is a very average game by today's standards. Uncharted 2 is a massive step up in quality.

Uncharted 1 is meh, but 2 and 3 are great!

If you don't like lack of checkpoints then don't play a Souls game ever.

I dunno. The only time I found the game hard and frustrating was when I played on impossible difficulty, and that's supposed to be hard. I never felt like the game was made unnecessarily difficult. You still one shot people with headshots, so you need to get better at headshots.

On normal difficulty the game is not that hard to play through.

UC 2 and 3 are improvements in some of the areas you criticise.

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Uncharted is actually considered to be a very easy game/franchise. If you're a new comer to the series maybe you should lower the difficulty? The NDC has a new one below easy called explorer mode. Maybe try that one?

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Drake's Fortune is widely regarded as the worst of the bunch.

However, a lot of your problems sound like you're just not very good at the game. Headshots are a big thing in Uncharted. Aim for the head.

Oh please. This isn't even a critique, it's just a senseless rant.

Really funny xD

Here's a tip: play on EASY    lol

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sounds like you suck at playing
those games aren't really hard in any difficulty

Nintation360 said:

Lack of Checkpoints:

Enemies take too much damage: 


You have to stand in a certain spot to pick up ammo/weapons:  

The jumps when climbing is horrible:  

Confusing Legend of Zelda stuff: 

Recovering is too slow: 

Nathan Drake himself is too slow: 

1) So? Go back to the 90s era and try again with that complaint.

2) Three bullets if I remember.. that's not much.

3) So? Just pick up that gun and start shooting.

4) Yes, over the gun. Who would have thought.

5) Yeah, he does do climbing features that it seems the best climbers like Sharma and Dean Potter can't. :P It's a game. :P

6) The game doesn't hold your hand... again see point 1.

7) Yeah, I'd prefer health packs.

8) He's meant to be human, not Ares.


I get the complaints, the game has aged but maybe the game just isn't to your liking. I personally have had my fill of Uncharted and am not looking to buy 4 after the first 3.

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