Anyone know much about Food Poisoning?

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theprof00 said:
OneKartVita said:

No the chicken was red as fuck and it wasn't hot.  I also wasn't tired.  

My only problem is that this only last 6-8 hours with no treatment other than rest.
To me, that doesn't say food poisoning. 

There are a whole assortment of other reasons for vomitting other than food poisoning. 
I once had a caffeine crystal (kind of like a kidney stone). I had all the same symptoms you mentioned.

Also, just the other day I had the same problem. Room was spinning, couldn't focus, everything seemed glossy, stomach hurt, threw up.
It was because I accidentally took double my prescription med.

Food Poisoning is generally a three day rule. In fact, when I was a kid, food poisoning was like the very best thing you could come up with to get out of school because parents knew it was generally a three day thing.

Well I was still sick after puking.  So all the next day I wasn't well put I didn't feel like puking or like I was going to die!  


It was definitely the chicken and I've never had any internal problems like a kidney stone etc.  Always been very healthy and my bodies system is excellent at dealing with things.  So I'm not surprised I recovered quicker than the average man.

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Mr.Playstation said:

You Need to go to the hospital that's for sure.

eeeerr.... read his post a few above yours, it sounds like he just had "the shits" I think a hospital visit for this would be ... well just stupid really, hard to judge tho, going from blood clots in lungs to a post about runny poo, bit hard to get a grip on how ill this actually is.

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