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What is your wealth position relative to the rest of the world?

top 0.1% 82 18.55%
top 1% 124 28.05%
top 5% 85 19.23%
top 10% 45 10.18%
top 25% 36 8.14%
50%-25% 26 5.88%
bottom 50% 44 9.95%
danielrdp said:

Wow, If I lived in Brazil earning the same amount I do in England, I would be in the top 0.02%. The place where you live influences the final result. 

I was checking it myself. It converts for currency appreciation, but your statement seems incorrect. A income of 500,000 in England makes you something like the ~800,000th richest; and on Brazil, only the ~1,900,000th richest. That's because the Pound is worth much more than the Real.


Also, it seems like I'm getting some BS statistics, unless the monthly salary of a doctor on Kazakhstan is actually 58 US Dollars. A quick Google search tells me it is about 2,600 US Dollars.








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top 0,08% but considering India and China make a lot of the population and their income isn't big that isn't much to brag about.

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I'm sure it's quite a tricky calculation give we all earn / own in different currencies, and also cost / standard of living varies hugely. So I hope the background methodology in the calculator takes account of all the major factors.

Someone on the minimum wage here in ND ($14.75 NZD per hour) working a full time 40 hour week is in the top 8% globally. Shows you, I guess, anyone outside the top 5% of incomes is pretty much poor.

What's the minimum wage in your country purt someone at (remember to enter the income AFTER tax).

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Top 1.73%, and that doesn't account for the fact that I have zero debts and about 120.000 in the bank as well. I have little reason to complain!

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Teeqoz said:
I'm 15, so used my parents numbers for fun. That puts "me" at 0.07% for income and 2.72% for wealth.

I live in Norway though, so I'm cheating

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I am at 0,05% by income.

1.41 percent some how.....

85 millionth something.

Not including my GFs paycheck.

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Hopefully top 2 percent in a few months.

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I must be doing something wrong, I can't be that high on the list

In "income" I put my country and local currency, but in annual income I don't get if I have to put it in dollars or my own currency

0.02% for income and 1.41% for wealth... I guess.

EDIT: Looks like everyone here is rich. So... celebrate, bitches!

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