Well VGChartz, It's Been Quite the Adventure. :)

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Bowie... Rickman.... now this, what a shit week.

Great going away post from here tho Smeags, really lovely message and I hope a few people take a good read of it, be it new members coming here or those already here and try to take something from it to make the place better for others to come to rather than a place for conflict.

Really genuinely sad to see you taking a step away from here, even tho I would hope/guess you might return at a point or at least in a smaller capacity your absence from this site will be really noticed I think.

Good luck in your future tho!

PS Mc Namara, sounds very Irish? :o all this time were you a brother from another celtic mother? Damn.

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I didn't interact with ya much but I hope that you are happy with whatever forum or next adventure, you decide on next. Have a good one.

How can you say that with a smile *sniffle*

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You finally made this thread, eh?

Sad day. I'm sure that I'll speak to you in other places, but you're leaving a glaring hole on this website with your absence. You've been one of the best, if not the greatest user the site has ever seen in your commitment and love for the community.

Good luck, Patrick. My mentor and my friend.

Thanks for all that you've done and the kind words, Smeags. You'll be greatly missed.

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Good luck and have fun.
*Proceeds to disappear from the Forums for another 3-6 months.*

Former something....

Although i didn't really interact with you much, you certainly moved me, and its sad to see such a great member to this forum leaving.

I wish you good luck in any future endeavours, and thank you for everything you've done for this website!


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Why are you leaving? Sad to see you go :(