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You may being to quick to jump on things, being passionate does this, indeed.
We have slow years to everybody sometimes.

No problem if the PS4 does seems the most attractive thing now, and even if it keep being like this for years, Nintendo will still be Nintendo and it'll eventually be having the games you want.

You can and should still always expect good things and be claiming more if they don't happen, but no need to be extremee, enjoy other things while they don't come, you just got a PS4, right? Enjoy it, but keep Nintendo at bay, so you can enjoy it as well when you feel like they are delivering.

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RolStoppable said:
Does this mean that we won't get any more threads from you?

If he did really lose all passion for Nintendo, we likely won't see him post on anything Nintendo related as he won't care.

You'll probably miss them

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Hiku said:
They're in a transition period now.
But if you don't game exclusively on Nintendo, you shouldn't have a problem.

Thats the problem.

If i game exclusively on Nintendo, I WILL HAVE A PROBLEM. And i would had the same problem 2012, 2013....


If i game exclusively on PS, XBOX or PC, i would never run in any problems. Hell, even the xbox 360 (10 years old consle with a 2 year old sucsessor) got more AAA games this year then the wii u (Rise of the Romb Raider, Battlefield Hardline, MGS:V, Black Ops 3, ...)

While 2015 sure had a few disappointments, like Zelda and StarFox getting delayed, I feel that this industry (or at the very least, me personally) needs Nintendo more than ever before.
There is just so little that distiuishes Sony from Microsoft, while Nintendo has their own clear identity. Sure, nobody wanted what Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis turned out to be, but other companies just don't create games like Nintendo's best efforts.

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tbh, i used to be kinda like you, love everything related to Japan (I guess, do you love everything related to Japan ?). Especially Nintendo. Their games were also pretty great, and they are still GREAT. But my taste for gaming changed over time, since long time ago. Now i don't even know what to think of nintendo, i guess i just simply don't care :P. i think the main reason would probably becuz of PlayStation and especially, PC.

Not just gaming tho, Anime and Manga as well. I used to think it's the best shit ever! But now... i don't know, i still looking for Attack on Titan season 2 but i guess that is kinda it.

Anime games however, are my new The Shit!

I game on all 3 platforms (and both portable consoles) and Nintendo is still my favorite. Earlier this week, I realized why I was getting tired of my frequent visits to IGN. No, my love for gaming hasn't dropped at all. I'm currently clearing my backlog. Just beat MGS Rising on Hard (final boss took almost 30% of my total game time) and I've just started Skyrim.
I realized that I was tired of seeing thumbnails that looked more like action movies than video games. No games with aesthetics like Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts and Prince of Persia on the home page of most gaming sites right now. Retro games with 8 or 16 bit graphics don't count. Apart from the occasional Sunset Overdrive or Monster Hunter, most AAA non-Nintendo games are starving me of the kind of worlds I fell in love with that have made video games my favorite hobby.
So with all their mistakes, I still love what Nintendo produces. I may not have "passion" for the company per say, but most of my most anticipated games (including unannounced games) are Nintendo games. Sure, I hope they do better from now on with the NX and their slow realization that they need to take things like online and a universal account system more seriously, but they've given me more games that I actually want to play in the last 2 years than the rest of the AAA industry put together. Indies are giving me almost as many good stuff as Nintendo. Just look at Bro Force or Hover: Revolt of Gamers

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Nah, you just want to be cool by bashing Nintendo

Treat yourself to some Xenoblade X and that will pass.

OneKartVita said:
POE said:
I believe this is a good new instead of a bad one. Go buy a PS4 and stop making threads like this.

He already bought one just the other day.  

Then he's halfway there.