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One thing I find funny is how much people think Metroid is a big hitter for Nintendo. I love the series and it's in my top 3 of all time but it's niche and most Nintendo owners don't give a shit about it.

The series typically sells 1.5 million give or take with only 2 entries passing 2 million. A game that is often hated on by forum goers is Mario Party yet the series consistently outsells Metroid, that should tell u the "hardcore" Nintendo fan isn't that big of a part of Nintendo's audience.

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The reason its metacritic scores are low, and some of the games seem as just fillers, is because all their resources (most of them) are working on NX titles right now.

So that they have a decent launch title game(s) for it.

POE said:
I believe this is a good new instead of a bad one. Go buy a PS4 and stop making threads like this.

He already bought one just the other day.  

RolStoppable said:
Does this mean that we won't get any more threads from you?

He's starting to lose his passion. It's a lengthy process. Apparently.

FunFan said:
All relationships have highs and lows. Don't forget you vows.

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Go invest in another console or invest in a gaming PC. The market will sort things out on their own.

Nintation360 said:

Look I LOVE Nintendo so much, they litarally CREATED my childhood. I love Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid and so much others!  2015 is by far the WORST year for Nintendo. Here are a list of DISSAPOINTMENTS they made this year

Metroid Federation Force

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

No voice chat for its game of the year Splatoon 

Very poor E3 presentation


Delaying Star Fox Zero ( yeah yeah yeah, "released too soon its a bad game forever" THEN DONT ANNOUNCE IT if you're not sure if its going to release as expected )

Horrible Nintendo Direct in November

Announcing/releasing new Zelda games AND NOT releasing Zelda Wii U

Making NO ANNOUNCEMENTS(NO ZELDA) at the Game Awards just today

and NOT developing Metroid for Wii U

and many more things they attacked us with!


  But I TRUELY believe Nintendo has lost their touch. I just can't stand being dissapointed over AND OVER again by that company. PS4  is catching my attention so much more than Wii U ever since this year. I'm GLAD Nintendo is suffering financially because they DESERVE everything coming their way. THAT'S what they get for NOT listenin to the fans. I would toss my money for Metroid Wii U and for Zelda Wii U.  Like look at Metacritic! Its the worst year for Nintendo for Metacritic in ratings! But it's soo possible Wii U will be my last Nintendo console.  Nintendo LISTEN TO YOUR FANS! WE WANT METROID, WE WANT ZELDA U. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR DIE HARD FANS GIVE US WHAT WE WANT.   




Then by all means, go buy some other console. Ignore how awesome Zelda U DOES look. Ignore the great 3DS and Wii U games they HAVE given us, and the great stuff that IS coming in 2016.


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padib said:
FunFan said:
All relationships have highs and lows. Don't forget you vows.

It is dangerous to go alone, take this *hands wedding ring

Plot twist: The ring is actually a condom!

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FunFan said:
padib said:

It is dangerous to go alone, take this *hands wedding ring

Plot twist: The ring is actually a condom!

Haha. Okay you win. :)

I can't say that I've ever been a big Nintendo fan, but for some reason I'm really hopeful for their future, I feel like they might just nail it with NX and start making the changes they need to to succeed in the future.

As for their lack of new announcements at the VGA's today, I'm sure they're saving up all the big new games for E3 when they announce NX. It was pretty obvious at E3 this year that they were just announcing filler because they were saving all of the big stuff for NX launch/first year. It's a wise decision honestly, NX needs to be a success, and having a strong launch/first year lineup is a big part of that. It does suck for Wii U/3ds owners who feel like Nintendo is basically abandoning the platforms early, but at least it should help NX be a success.