Lack of Voice chat made me stop playing Splatoon....

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d21lewis said:
75% of the people I played with were from Japan, anyway. They wouldn't be interested in hearing about my penis.

..... Would they?

Having no voice chat when playing with Japanese gamers is a missed opportunity of having fun yelling:

パールハーバーさない !

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


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I was pissed off, they should have allowed it with friends. its too team oriented, which could get really nasty with strangers

jigokutamago said:
archer9234 said:
jigokutamago said:
archer9234 said:
jigokutamago said:
archer9234 said:

You're still not being fair. Because you hate voice chatting, other people have to lose out. Is everyone in this world gonna be screaming curse words, no. I could just use skype and give you a disadvantage. And you'd never know. I've done that before.

I stream splatoon with 2 other people. We all have an advantage to who we're facing. Because I can warn people to not squid jump to me. Or tell someone were a camper is located. Or ask someone to get a loadout with a point marker. Or certain guns. Or push into the main area with the other 2. On many times I've returned to the base platform. Because my firned altered me one person snuck down a side area.

My problem is that you are not looking at it from the other perspective. Because neither are you being fair. Because you like voice chatting I have to either listen to people while I play or suffer a gameplay disadvantage. As for using skype, can't do that in ranked.

If you're listening to them. You know they are helping out. Because if they aren't, they're muted. What is the problem again? I don't play ranked mode, ever. And you're not looking at it from my perspective.

The point was voice chat is good for people who want it and bad for people who don't. As simple as that. Nothing more nothing less.

And guess what. You get that. With the option to have it in the game. You're just like the people who bitch at TV shows that are in 4:3. And demand that they get cropped. You piss off the people who want to retain the orginal framing. For no reason. When your TV and or player have the abilty to crop the show to 16:9. You have the option to mute people. In no way does the option of voice chat interfer with you. But not having interfers with me. And I have to go out of my way to use my PC to bypass this. While every other console and PC, I don't have to deal with this.

"We all have an advantage to who we're facing"

"In no way does the option of voice chat interfer with you"

I think this is a logical flaw. You cannot have an advantage without disadvantaging someone. And you cannot be both disadvantaged and uneffected by something.

Logical flaw? You, yourself is choosing to avoid voice chat. Because you can't simply try and block who is useless towards the chat or not. That is not my problem. I can do it. And move on from this. And work with people who actually help out. You're complaing about a game that has a 4 person team. A lot easier to do the filtering, than say COD. I don't see voice chat as an advantage. You do. I want it. So I can do things easier/faster. Instead of being limited to booya. I'd take text chat, if that was pratical on a console.

That's a silly reason to stop playing Splatoon imo.

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