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What's gonna be on the PX (code name Ps5/PlaystationFive/PX/PlaystationNext)?!?!?! New games? New console features? INTERFACE? What about the headset? WIll you be able to take the entire console portable on trains or buses? OR MAYBE JUST BUSES?!?!?! #BUS-EXCLUSIVE

Support for up to 18 controllers? BRING YOUR FREINDS. 




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PS5? in about 4 years time :p

Won't be a PS5.

Oh, great. A satire thread about NX threads. I'm really loving it all! :P

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Knack 2?

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So glad Vgchartz finally has an official PX speculation thread. It's just what this website was missing. Speculation threads. Really.

This is not the thread we wanted, but it´s definitely the one we deserved


Sony and Valve will announce half life 3 exclusively for PSVR along with price and launch date.

Internet collapses from meltdowns seconds later.

Someone called Nark Derny just called me and told they are skipping 5 because this number is too mainstream, their are going straight for PS6, it'll have support to 8K and 240fps to AAAAAA games (triple A was also too mainstream).

It'll be price at CAD 29.95 worldwide. He said Sony says it's able to profit around 95% with this price. So it could drop a little bit during the holidays. But that's just a rumor, don't expect the price drop to be a given.

Naughty Dog had just an arm westreling dispute with Activision and won Crash rights back after supposedly a ND dev exploded some guys arms with his power and they gave up on the dispute, it's said this guy plays and build games single handed to hone his skill. Now Crash Bandicoot 4 is being developed together with TLOU 64.

A tweet bird also told me during TGS that Japan Studios is going through a rebranding, it'll be called Team Dragoon from now on, and focus the whole studios and teams condensed to release a new The Legend of Dragoon game each quarter, due to popular demand (researches said 100% of BraLoDs were demaing it during the past 15 years, so they are going after all that popularity).
They expect FY sales of their games to be over 10B.

Well, that's just things I heard, so take it as a rumor for now.



Now we're just getting into spam territory.