I'm sorry to announce that my fav console has shifted from PS2 to PS3

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pokoko said:
PS1 is still my favorite by a considerable margin but the PS3 isn't all that far behind the PS2 in my personal opinion. Second half of the PS3 was absolute awesome but the first half is really hard to overcome. The PS2 had a ton of games but many of them were subpar. It had as much trash as the Wii.

It's really pretty difficult to measure and entirely subjective.

Exactly as I feel. PS1 will not be dethroned for a while IMO. But PS2 might

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I feel bad now.

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ps2 whas the greatest time in gaming ever.
BUT if you would said my ps3 collection whas outpacing mine ps2 like 4 years ago i would slap ya face and laugh at you.

but then again ps3 IS outpacing my ps2 collection.

ps4 is the only one who has a" chance" of being better than ps3.


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That's perfectly fine, man. The PS3 did get ports of most of the key PS2 games, after all, on top of having some wonderful new experiences. Both are fantastic consoles for any gamer.

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PS3 has been my favourite for a while.

For me the ps3 is my favorite as well as best console of all time. But last gen is also the first gen I become a core gamer because I'm so young.

I'm sure if I had been around the ps2 era from the beginning I would have a different opinion.

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For its time, it may be hard for any console to beat the PS2 (and maybe the SNES). My favorite right now, laying all bias and nostalgia aside, is probably the Xbox 360. PS3 is a good choice, though. Can't argue with that one.

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no complants here but PS2 is still my fav console

Only played ff 10 & 12. Extra bought a ps2 for this. Then ff 10 remake on ps 3, now 10 remake on ps 4 (i love my yunchen). If they remake ff 12 some day, i will light a candle in the next chapel.