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Magnus said:
Nintyfan90 said:
I find it funny seeing Micro/Sony fans want Ninty to be more like them. Ninty doesnt have the ip or funds to pay 3rd parties. Their to busy making their own games. A fusion is the best route because they cant continue making two of everything. They had to screw over MK7 so MK8 looked more amazing(anit-gravity) and sell WiiUs. The market is saturated enough with Mario games due Ninty supporting two, while Micro/Sony struggle to support one. Nintys not going to throw away the handheld market and they certainly arent going to give up the west by releasing only a handheld. A handheld and a micro home console is the best route because it gives them time to pump out new ip. It also allows Ninty to be as wacky as they want while still supporting both. This is the safes way to pull another Wii/DS, 99% of the library is shared while each system receives a new blue ocean stragety. Its brilliant to say the least. No matter what you have a userbase of atleast 70 million to satisfy and you can keep Sony out of Japan while Micro continues to give them hell in the US. You also give yourself a chance at pulling another Wii.

It makes business sense but I don't think it's a good idea that Nintendo turns into a tiny little company that makes handhelds and doesn't compete with the big boys. They are a company of the caliber of Microsoft and Sony and they need to act like it. Instead of a micro home console they should have a console that properly competes with PS5 and XBTwo and its own library of mature games.

Stopped taking you seriously at the "big boys" lol.