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Amagi Brilliant Park
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Tiger and Bunny
Death Parade

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Akame ga Kill, Black Bullet, Another, Elfen Lied

ednice said:
"1 season only" you say.....I guess you don't want Steins;Gate then, or Bebop.

+1 to Cowboy Bebop.


Another series that's on another level of crazyness, but I liked it, is Furi Kuri.

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Death note

LordPhil said:

Both of those animes were amazing. Try Angel Beats, it's around 13 episodes.

One of the best imo.

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Hellsing Ultimate - 10 Episodes

It would be cool if you had a list of the stuff you already watched, tbh if you enjoyed K and gargantia means your expectations towards anime are not really high. I would recommend Fate zero (even though it's 2 seasons with 12 episodes), steins;gate, Bakemonogatari, Baccano.

Macross Frontier is pretty good (26ep)

Also, Darker than Black . It's spanned on one season, a small season and a second season, with three different arcs, you should give it a try.

One shot one seaon : Basilisk, Claymore, Ga Rei Zero, Samurai 7 , School Days (this one has melted my mind), Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain...

Haibane renmei 13 episodes 
Planetes 26 episodes

naruball said:

Akame ga Kill. One of the best anime I've ever seen.

For some reason the entire internet and their mothers hate it with passion, so you may not want to take my word for it (though the pilot alone will be enough to help you decide if it's worth your time). I just thought it was all sorts of amazing (apart from the stupid fan-service stuff).

(Does anyone know if the plural of anime is "animes" or "anime". I see people spell it both ways all the time)

God. I wanted to love Akame Ga kill so bad. 


So bad. 


But I hated that literally everybody dies. And most of the deaths were so unnecessary. Seriously big plot fail. 


It has potential to be one of the best. 

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