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It's actually some of you guys who should be banned/warned for going so off topic with all that needless drama. Dude asked a legit question and you were all like he murdered your parents or something.



Pavolink said:
Whoever he is, we'll know in a few days. I don't think Nintendo has head for this right now.


Sneaky, man, sneaky.






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RIP Iwatasama




For those asking for this thread to be locked, it breaks no rules to my knowledge and therefore unless you convince the OP that it should be locked it will remain open. Continuing on this topic of discussion, however, instead of that the thread is meant for is decidedly against the rules and so I would advise against it.

The position of the mod team may change in the future, I don't speak for them all, but I personally am not going to lock a thread simply because you think its disrespectful when it breaks no rules. If you think it's disrespectful to have this discussion then just don't click on the thread, it's as simple as that.


Hopefully someone we don't know, because when I think of Nintendo's executives I don't really remember anyone who's in touch with the community and knows what people want.

That's their main problem IMO

Whoever it is should be a younger exec. with a vision that can lead the company for (hopefully) a long time.

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Jack Tretton

How is it too soon? We are talking about the person in business perspectives.. I'm sure nintendo itself isn't wondering that exact same question right now.. Right?... Right Reggie?

Now that I have slept on it, I will answer OP's question. Understand though that there is a respectful way to ask such a question and that this was not it.

The top candidate in my opinion is Genyo Takeda. In the wake of Iwata's passing, he along with Miyamoto are the acting Representative Directors. I'm not entirely clear on what that means, but my understanding is that until a successor is chosen, the tasks that would usually fall to Iwata are now their responsibility. My hope is that someone with a similar background to Iwata is chosen; Takeda has been the general manager of Nintendo's integrated research division for over 30 years, and is also the creator of Punch-Out!!, Star Tropics, and a handful of other games. He is credited with the invention of the battery save system first used in The Legend of Zelda NES cartridges and with the invention of the analog stick. I would much rather continue to see someone who got their start working on games and picked up the business know-how through experience rather than the other way around.

Iwata will be succeeded, but he cannot be replaced. He was more than a decision-maker at Nintendo. His personality and sense of humor permeated the entire company. He was close friends with his fellow managers, with many of the designers working at Nintendo's development studios, even with game makers outside of Nintendo.

Those hoping for a big shake-up at the top that results in significant changes to Nintendo's M.O. are going to be disappointed. They will appoint someone who believes in Iwata's vision for the industry, and embrace that vision whole-heartedly.

Ninten78 said:
I think Mr.Takeda or Miyamoto http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2015/07/13/shigeru-miyamoto-seen-as-possible-nintendo-successor/

I dont think myamoto would be a good fit. He is too artistic to rule a company, he make great games, that sell well because they're great but they actually don't follow market trends... They a business-y person at the extreme, that will cut anything that won't be profit, lime Wii u. 

dyremose said:
How is it too soon? We are talking about the person in business perspectives.. I'm sure nintendo itself isn't wondering that exact same question right now.. Right?... Right Reggie?

Mr.  Iwata didn't die suddenly. He was gravely ill for at least a year and a half, so he was probably working on a transition plan with Nintendo's board when he did pass on.