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You need to chill, OP.

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well, this is in terrible taste.

LipeJJ said:
Not the right time do ask this... you should've waited at least a week...

Or at least 24 hours from when the news broke....yikes this thread :x.


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KyleeStrutt said:
Are there no mods around?

For what? What is the wait period? What if it was someone else?

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In poor taste!

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OK, this isn't drama class people. Iwata passes away, someone asks who's going to replace him and people are over dramatic about some random person over the internet like its this big problem. Nintendo themselves have already thought about it, so why moan and wine about a random thread. Why are people playing the victim card and the hero card? I would guess that you guys care more about your words than you do about Iwata's passing otherwise you wouldn't be constantly bumping a thread with any sort of response what-so-ever.

I feel bad for all of his friends and family, the people he worked with, the people who knew him as in the people who will actually miss more than just his work.

This literally was not even on my mind and it should not be on other's minds right now. I guess there will always be heartless pricks on the internet.


No. Just no.

the_dengle said:

Actually he died yesterday, maybe even "two days ago" considering the time difference. It just wasn't made public until tonight.

Doesn't change the tastelessness of the thread, though. Man, this is just the worst.

Yeah, just realized my mistake there.

Well, this is new.


It's way too soon to think about this.