Is there any rpg that can match the greatness of Final Fantasy X?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is there any rpg that can match the greatness of Final Fantasy X?

1. great story (if that ending didnt make u cry your not human)

2. great music

3. great combat system

4. great world and atmosphere

5. great level system

6. great summons

7. even the awkward moments are great

8. great characters

9. great everything


Don't tell me ur actually gonna contest this claim?

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Theres this guy roaming the forums here that HATES FF, especially X. I hope he see this. xD

Yes, if anything FFX is pretty meh.

Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII & IX all best it.

All Dragon Quest games best it.

Chrono Trigger bests it.

I could go on for a very long time.

Far from the best RPG, Square or even PS2 game.

Any Final Fantasy on the PS1 and FF VI, also probably loads of other RPGs because FFX is actually pretty god damn mediocre, definitely the point where the series started going downhill.

Want a simple or big list? :p

Edit: Nevermind, Kylee already made a resumé.

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That stupid ball game thing put a bad taste in my mouth.


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FFIX, VI and IV are better in my opinion, but FFX is a great game. It was the first FF to be fairly linear though, Imo.

Yes!!! I love FFX!

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Its relative

FF IX is waaayyyy better