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As long as they don't try to do it with their own IPs

...who am I kidding, I'd totally help kickstart some of their classics, if it's the only way to revive them

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Hmm.. not sure if I really like this crowdfunding method, but if this is the only way for dead titles to see a sequel then oh well

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plip.plop said:
sergiodaly said:
WolfpackN64 said:
You know Sony, there are other ways to gauge interest than Kickstarter.

yes, but people when its time to ask (specialy on the internet), everybody is IN, when the thing finaly arrives, lots look away and whistle, in kickstarter is "put your money where your mouth is" this is real demand...

i have no problem with this, no one is pointing a gun at ones head.

This still has the potential to happen. Yes it reached it's funding goals. but not everybody just donated to the $29 tier, and not everyone is also going to choose the PS4 version since it only shows that version as a digital release, and the PC version instead releasing as the physical version.

Looking at the number of backers is another way to look at preorder numbers, while offering some of the worse stretch goals at the amount donated.

$120 for one of 4 capsule toys in the game?

I still think it has a chance to do well, by being a $29 game instead of full price might cause more people to give it a try early on.

If this was a full price game, how well do you think it would do? 

well, if this has the right price, or if the tiers are not well made, its like discussing about pre order bonus and the value of collector editions and special editions... some find them useless, some love them. but that is beyond what the thread is about. I think publishers can do this as many times they want, its up to the people to judge the publisher and the team of developers they use to do the project.

if this had the full price tag, why wouldn't people just wait for the release and buy it then? if you are gambleling a bit and putting your money up front is very usual to get a discount now. i see it release at full price for the people that just buy it the usual way.

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