Nintendo @ E3 '15: Our Muppet Bodies Weren't Ready

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Is Your Body Ready?

Yes. 40 24.39%
No. 14 8.54%
Not my problem. 12 7.32%
I feel like a Purple Pikmin. 16 9.76%
Hey Bill, you're Fired. 23 14.02%
What's wrong with you? 8 4.88%
I'm about kickin' ass. 6 3.66%
I'm about takin' names. 3 1.83%
My body is Reggie. 42 25.61%
PenguinZ said:
guiduc said:
What the fuck are Retro and Next Level Game doing??? I think they need more software development studios opening in the Western market.

Retro might be working on an NX launch title.

Only 1 game for Wii U :(

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Nintendo trying to do damage control:

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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That's a really good gif! :)