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AZWification said:
Platina said:
AZWification said:

Are you sure that'll work? Because there's obviously no " Quick Text Reply" when making a thread.

It should work, and you can test it out on in this thread if you would like, though sometimes VGC is a bit fickle at times..

Quick Text Reply is the same as 'Quick Reply' in a thread

I tried using the  "Embed tweet" option, pasted the code I got and this is the result!

I don't use twitter, so I'm not sure about the embed code, but all you really need to do is to copy the link itself..


For example, when I opened the tweet (by clicking on the date) I just used that url given and copied that directly into this post. If you reply to this message, you will see that only the link is posted, and vgc should do the rest (if working properly).

Also, if you have noscript on and don't disable it for Twitter, it will show up only as text (though your post is indeed messed up)

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You cannot copy the whole page at once. You just have to go into the tweet and copy it once by one. Should turn into a tweet like you want. Unless it has changed over the past six months.

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imgur gifs? Possible? Should I try the embed code with the IMG tag?

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Thanks for this thread, really helped me.


Sick of seeing hadoram's name as the last poster. Have some ducklings!

The mod team is the greatest! I love the mod team.

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Thank you Captain,  I learned something.   Wish I would have stumbled on this thread sooner.  My first Gif! avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.