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Not a bad decision, I own three working Xbox 360s.

I use my X1 plenty, but there is still about 50 games on my 360 backlog I want to try/complete. So I'll still be using it for years.

Even if you don't have an 8th gen console there is some noteworthy games coming to 7th gen.

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ExplodingBlock said:
Was the upgrade just for the extra memory?

no Red ring of death, my console died 😡

old skool

Amazing console, and still supported almost ten years into its lifetime! Get Ori when it is released, it is addicting :).

Whatever floats your boat.

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Nice! 360 is my favourite console ever. Still lots of games I want to play!

Good buy. I want to buy another 360 eventually also (500GB model). Also if you want a easy 1000GS download Forza Horizon 2: Presents Fast and Furious you can get all the achievements for it in around 3 hours and its not that big of a file either its only 2.2GB and its free to download until April 10th.