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Since the last time we got numbers, what have you done with your life?

I became a family man. 46 25.84%
I've been glued to the s... 52 29.21%
Screw the numbers, I'm h... 22 12.36%
I started my own sales si... 58 32.58%

March 28th will mark the one month anniversary since the last time VGChartz updated their hardware and US software charts (Europe and Japan are still stuck one week behind).

So, if this site ever updates the charts again, when will it happen?

Your call.

thephenomenon 04/16/2015
Ka-pi96 Before 19/2/02/2019
Ryng_Tolu 04/03/2015
Skullwaker 03/27/2015
Dr.Vita 03/27/2015

"When ioi manages to escape from the alien clutches."

According to the post you linked he did that 2 months ago

Teeqoz Unespecified Thursday, probably 03/26/2015
DanRybacki 03/25/2015
Platina Never
IamAwsome 04/01/2015
KdxlavkdX Soon
TheGoldenBoy 03/27/2015 or 04/09/2015
Turkish Video
cycycychris 03/28/2015 or 03/30/2015

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16 april

Before the 19th of February 2019.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8749702

3 April.

2020 predictions: NSW 21m, PS5 6m, XSX 4.5m, PS4 9m, XB1 3m
(PS5 and XSX predictions will most likely change after we know enough about them)

Is this what we have become?

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March 27th.

Official Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Thread


March 27th (Friday)

The poll selection is just awesome dude!

When ioi manages to escape from the alien clutches.


.- -... -.-. -..

Thursday I hope.