Which writers and cast should Nintendo hire for the Live Action Zelda Show?

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I'm gonna have to see who netflix uses for their shows then I'll post what I think on it.

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Is Troma films still around?  They'd be perfect.


As long as they sound and look somewhat like Link/Zelda I'm fine.

Though.....I want a film for each of the 3D Zelda's and Metroid Prime Trilogy films

curl-6 said:
Written and directed by Michael Bay.

Starring Justin Beiber as Link, Nicki Minaj as Zelda, and Adam Sandler as Ganondorf.

it would print money and oen up zelda for a huge new fanbase, retarded people...

Augen said:
I would not expect too much. Writers will likely not be names most of us know. As for actors big question is if Link will be a child or an adult.

Both. I think the smartest thing to do would be to base the series on Ocarina of time, the most grounded Zelda but also the most iconic. They could play alot with time but I guess that could also get very messy.

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Isaac Hempstead Wright of Game of Thrones could be a good Link.

I think merging the plots of OoT and A Link To The Past might be the best way to go.

Opening: Hyrulean Civil War, a narrator takes us through scenes of an epic war, we are introduced to a woman who has a young child (a boy). The woman is gravely injured and rides on horseback to escape chasing marauders into the woods. She barely makes it to the forest sanctuary of Kokiri, where she entrusts the child to one of the locals, who will raise him as his uncle. 

Meanwhile we are introduced to the inner workings of the Hyrule monarchy and its young princess Zelda (daughter to the King/Queen). Zelda has a bodyguard named Impa. A wizard named Agahnim appears and gradually gains more power in the Hyrule political structure. We don't know that he is actually Ganondorf reincarnated, this will be revealed as the series continues on.

The child Link grows to age 13 or so and lives in the wooded world of Kokiri raised by his "Uncle" (who's actually more like Ranger/Strider type character), befriending Sara, with a sense of wonder, always wanting to explore (and often getting in trouble for it). Particularly Link doesn't understand why he can't leave the confines of the forest. He has many adventures, we come to learn Hyrule is a magical place full of wondrous forests, caverns, temples, etc. We learn also about the prophecy of a "Hero of Time".

Link's Uncle fears that something dark and sinister is making its way through Hyrule, evil seems to be gaining power, perhaps even the royal family itself may be infiltrated by it. Some time passes, however one dark and rainy night the castle comes under full assault by evil forces. Link's Uncle sets off to help, he commands Link to stay home.

However, Link has a vision of Zelda and is guided to Hyrule by a fairy named Navi. He sneaks into the castle using underground passageways and finds his Uncle almost dead. With his dying wish he gives Link his sword, they go and save Zelda just before she's killed by Angaheim and they escape through the underground tunnels into the wilderness, but now evil has taken over.

The first season could end with Link entering the Temple of Time and taking the Master Sword after Agahnim kills Saria (Link's closest friend/love interest). Season 2 begins seven years later ... seven years have passed and the world has changed, Link is now grown.

It would be an extreme lack of imagination to use the plot of any Zelda game as a basis for this show. This is a franchise where the hero is forever reincarnated. Tell a different, new story.

It could take place anywhere in the timeline, though most people would probably prefer it somewhere after Ganondorf is born, since he is so iconic and this is a new medium.

Well, this is new.


I like the idea of borrowing certain tent poles from the plots of OoT and LttP (maybe other games too), that would anchor the series from getting too silly/far removed from the game mythos, but you'd still have plenty of leeway to work with.

Like OoT even though it has a "story", it's basically just a setup, one major cut scene in the middle, and the ending, so there isn't much of a narrative in that game.

I like the idea of a Hyrule Civil War, Link's mother escaping to the woods and dying, I like Ganon first appearing in the show as Anaghim (or some variant). That kinda plays off thematic plot points seen in other fantasy films, (Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars and Sauron in LOTR take different forms early on, or conceal their true nature for a while).

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