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Machina said:
slab_of_bacon said:
Now that things are in motion, I was curious to see if there had been a timetable set. Nothing overly specific, just like what is being worked on first even.

First priorities are to re-integrate the sites and bug fixes, both of which Truck is already working on in his spare time. You can follow Truck's progress with the bug fixes/site improvements and make suggestions in his thread here.

Not gonna announce any timescales because if we run over (and things usually do when it comes to site changes) people will just end up disappointed.

Thanks for the link; I took advantage of that.  At the rate he is getting things done I don't think I timetable would even be necessary.  Besides, you can never please all the people all the time.

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Could we please have the ability to block other users, sites like the Escapist allow you to block other users which means you cannot see their posts in general and they cannot interact with yours.

Also sites like Disqus give you the option to make your post history private so users cannot track where you comment on.

I'd at least love the former option if possible, that would be great.


One thing I would love is for registered members to be plotted on a graph so we can see where in the world they are from. It may also encourage members organising meet ups etc

The blue and white site, those were the days :)

Another great addition would be a countdown to game releases.

The last change I would love is the ability to pin and hide things members don't want Eg I only look at sakes sales information and forum posts. The ability to hide things or move things to have a customisable interface would be awesome.

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