Magic is Terrorism.

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mZuzek said:
Shit just got real. I hope they throw that ring in Mordor as soon as possible.

My true form. You like it?

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Seriously this ring does exist in the multiverse and the science(and we all believe in Science) say so as fictional realism. If he does hold that one ring to rule them all, we are doomed.

Fictional realism is the view that because all universes exist, fictional characters exist (including constructed universes) as well. There are fictional entities, in the same sense in which, setting aside philosophical disputes, there are people, Mondays, numbers and planets.

Skullwaker said:
iceland said:
*Reads thread title* Thinks "This must be in some third world country"

*Reads story and sees Texas* Thinks "ehh pretty close"

Coming from someone who lives in Texas...I agree with you.

Texas is a Mexican state, it makes sense.