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It wouldn't be a typical week on vgchartz without PS4 getting adjusted down on the prior weeks number before the new ones roll in.

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Uh oh Xbox One trying to take PS4's US crown

sully1311 said:

Well according to this video, the 18.5m that Sony announced was BS any so this needs adjusting even more:

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@ the youtube clip of course, not Sully.

My theory: the data VGC received suggested Xb one had huge fall, like below 20K, and they could not intellectually accept such a massive drop off in sales. But really for MS to immediately drop the price again after it had gone to some lengths to warn people the price was going back up, AND actually putting the price back up, the drop off in sales in the USA must have been massive. So to me a <20K week for 10 Jan is quite possible. A very modest, and indeed quite impressive hold over of sales would not have elicited that almost immediate price drop reaction from MS.

Either that or VGC accidentally put the post-price re-drop weeks sales into 10 Jan sales week because they forgot they were so far behind with the numbers.

I think the claim here that UK numbers are arse about face is because some people seem to think that MCV always specifically mentions when Xb one outsells PS4 in the UK on any given week. But that's a pretty dubious basis for the claim. However lacking any obvious reason for the order to flip, it seems that PS4 winning the whole of December in the UK makes it a bit incongruous for Xb one to suddenly be in the lead, with the softeware picture being what it is.

MCC is the only sales driver unique to Xb one, and its sales are not big enough to account for either US or UK.

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Definitely unexpected to see xbone over ps4. Time will tell whether this is accurate. xbone software seems to be doing almost "too" well considering the greater ps4 install base and xbone's price hike.

PS4 undertrack and Xone overtrack...

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Is ioi playing with the XB1 numbers for clickbait?

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SjOne said:


Uh oh Xbox One trying to take PS4's US crown

Oh no dude. Xbone is lower than PS4 on Amazon USA despite being at a lower price in January. The next NPD will be PS4 and the gap in US will be bigger.


So X1 only 30k behind PS4 in Europe and bigger drop for PS4 in US when X1 price is raised.

That seems logical

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Just wait till the shipment numbers from Sony...


Now that vgc properly put ps4 undertracked we can finally get back to complain about the undertracking... All is good again in the chartianz.

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