I prefer portable gaming to console gaming.

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Do you agree with me?

Yes Baby! 43 36.44%
No.. 75 63.56%

im the opposite

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The best Zeldas are the home consoles ones and that would be all I need to prefer home consoles over portables, but there are many other reasons too.

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I like the convenience of handheld consoles. I don't have a lot of time to play my console at home but I've been using my Vita a lot when I'm out.

If there was a portable Xbox 360 or PS3 that's the size of Vita I would be a pig in shit.

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Well I just discovered that handheld gaming is not for me, wont buy another handheld ever again

i pick no,hate the chittier graphics and hate the little screen even more......hope sony ends this handheld dream and put full resources into console games(though the vita probably dont get much love to begin wth it seems with complaints about content)

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Its ok, I was the same. Then I grew up and could sit up and game when I wanted rather than hiding under blankets with my handheld. One day you too will feel the same way =P
Also Ive almost never taken a handheld on the go, 99% of the time its used at home.

I do both, but console/PC is much more enjoyable.

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I just think it's uncomfortable for my hands to use a handheld, as well as play games on a smartphone. And if I play for a long time my eyes gets more tired and my neck as well. It's the most uncomfortable way of playing games for me.

And as you stated yourself, the graphics are usually back 1-2 generations, depending on the actual game etc. And the screen is crazy small compared to a 32"-42" TV at home that most people use today. Or even a 15"-22" PC/laptop screen that is most common today.

In short:

- Too small screen
- Uncomfortable controllers
- Poor graphics to what is standard today
- Due to a different style of playing games my neck and eyes gets tired

The plus side:

- Great games
- Can take it with you and play everywhere

But I would rather have all the 3DS games released on the Wii U instead with better graphics etc. If I could persuade Nintendo to drop the handheld market for good I would do everything I could to do so. Just because I am egoistic and don't like handheld gaming. :( But I know they need that market, it's their biggest and most important one.

Perhaps one day I will buy a handheld Nintendo console, but I don't think so. So the best I can do is to wait for a release of the games on VC, like they did with Minish Cap. But it will take years...

I prefer arcade games (fighting games, racing games, platformers) on home consoles, and rpgs, action adventure games like Zelda on handhelds.

Handheld for me is strictly for uber casual sudoku, solitaire, jewels, temple run type games (i.e all games that I can play on mobile phone/tablet). Serious gaming requires home console or PC, for me.

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