December 2014 NPD Thread! XBO, PS4, Wii U up! Many software up!

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KyleeStrutt said:
Ninsect said:

How does that compare to 2013 sales, do you know? Probably down, right?

Don't have 2013 data :(

But yes, it pretty much is down.

Scratch that, I do have data, PS Vita went from ~467k in 2013 to ~380k in 2014, it is indeed down.

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Metallox said:
Such a shame there aren't LTD Pikmin 3 numbers :(

The game is probably 1M physical sold. The game is out of print now and it seems they are not pressing any more copies. All that is left is price gougers and the rare loose in store copy. I found this out late and checked every target and walmart in my area (I trust gamestops stock counter but not these 2). I found 1 copy in the 30 odd Target/Walmarts in my area. If I didnt drive for a living paying the $100+ gouger price would have been a better idea.

Getting an XBOX One for me is like being in a bad relationship but staying together because we have kids. XBone we have 20000+ achievement points, 2+ years of XBL Gold and 20000+ MS points. I think its best we stay together if only for the MS points.

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small44 said:

Sony knew from the begining that people won't like it that's why they didn't do it Microsoft no once people start to protest they understand

I doubt Microsoft is stupid to make the same mistake 2 time

And Microsoft knew back then too. But they refused to change, in spite of outcry and fans pleeing with them. Armed forces in Iraq? "Get a 360." This is most likely because they assumed PS4 would do the same. But when it didn't and PS4 pre orders went viral, that's when they changed. And they certainly know now.  In their letter to the fans they basically said "We listen to you, and we now know that you guys don't want this." (As if they didn't before.) Yet they are doing it now in China in spite of knowing that the vast majority of gamers really don't like those strict DRM's in place on a console. China should be no different. But seeing as it is China, and it is their first official console, the general public may not be as aware about this situation in a country where sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked, etc.

Imagine a scenario where Sony go bankrupt (quite possible) and the Playstation brand goes under (not nearly as realistic, but not impossible).
If it's only Xbox and Nintendo left, you can bet they're going to implement this again, for sure, and we'd have no choice but to submit, or go to Nintendo. Because we'll have no real alternative. (Assuming Nintendo's console will be a typical nintendo console.)
Another scenario would be if XBO outsold PS4 by a gigantic amount. They'd have wiggle room to try to do it again and see how people respond before telling us something like "Oh, we thought the market was ready for it this time, but I guess not."

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Destiny sold roughly 1 million in December.

thx1139 said:
sully1311 said:

My bad, didn't read the paragraph correctly. Just sick and tired of people saying the PS4 didn't have any deals. 

Yes, but didnt include Kelly.

Her name is Kate Upton

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Still nothing on the 360 & Wii, huh?

Shadow1980 said:
Still nothing on the 360 & Wii, huh?

December 360 seems to be flat from November.

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