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OttoniBastos said:
kinisking said:
OttoniBastos said:
That PS4 domination...too much for that "comeback".

Yes because vg chartz is 100 percent correct all the time. Xbox One is Unsertracked by like 100k. I still think os4 won though 

PS4 is undertracked by more than that WW.

And The Xone is probably overtracked by 200k already...in the Us only...for november. Npd numbers will be fun to see, the gap with vgchartz numbers will probably be HUGE.

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I think a lot of people aren't taking into account the fact that black friday is a largely US thing, thus the large EU and ROW sales aren't going to take much impact from the hold over.

brute said:
Can someone please explain the high increases for most systems, I know they got some releases, but wouldn't most people wait for black Friday deals? Or were there deals that I wasn't aware of?

What neodegenerate said above. A lot of the PS4's gains came in Europe which doesn't have any Black Friday event.

Those PS4 NUMBERS!... i cant wait to see what Black Friday is gonna be like.

PS2 ish!

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Happy to see these huge numbers. Bone and PS4 neck and neck in the US this week. This build's an even greater anticipation for next weeks out come. who ever takes next week in the US will probably take the rest of the holidays in the US.

Insanely high PS4 numbers (especially Europe...damn!), but Xbox One performing very strong as well. Expect mind boggling weekly figures from here on out.

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Happy to see everything going well for Sony, and great to see the healthy response to the XB1 in the US. I'm still curious how things will level out after the holidays are over (for all companies). Nov and December are shaping up to be stellar months for both companies though, so user bases will expand dramatically and I think everyone will be happy.

So that 3DS boost is for NA and Japan considering OR/AS only released there. Meh, it could be better. Don't know why NoE didn't keep up with the other divisions and release it at the same time, but dems da breaks.

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PS4 will hit near 1million on Black Friday week thanks to that GTA V bundle.
Not sure if XBO can hit it too. All its big bundles are already out. We'll see how much the $329 price point affects sales.

Wii U is uhh not doing very good. Can it get at least a 1 million worldwide week this year? Maybe around Xmas?