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Ka-pi96 said:
JazzB1987 said:

The mindset of people is at fault.

"I am 13 year old. People told me color is for little kids so I play games that are violent or lack color"
And when they grow up they keep that mindset. No colors and gore = adulthood.
They are totally unaware of the fact that the less care about other peoples opinions regarding your hobbies/preferences etc the more grown up you are mentally. They try so hard to be adults that they never reach adulthood. They just dont know any better.

I mean alot of people have heard stuff like "grow up already" because they goofed around or played videogames etc. But AGE in society is just an arbitrary thing.

A few days ago I watched a video about a stand up commedian and his audience. Alot of people were like 25-35. Most wore white or dark clothes (alot of people tend to wear dark blue/green grey brown or black when they grow up)

He then asked the audience "who grew up in the late 80s and 90s" and then started to sing old cartoon songs. The crowd joined in and had alot of fun.
The commedian then asked "Where the hell have all of you been for the last 20 years?"

Its just psychology indoctrination.   Same with colors pink being female and blue male  rofl...

This takes alot of time to change.

90% of people are simple they believe what you tell them. All the stereotypes exist because people cant be bothered to form an own opinion.  Commercials alone cant fix this issue they can have an impact but the problem lies within our societies perception of adulthood.

A funny thing is that alot of adults love that they can watch Disney movies with their children because they do know that those movies are good etc. They would probably never go watch the movie on their own tho.  Colorful console games seem to have aditional hurdles  that make it even harder to accept them.

So... basically you think everyone that doesn't share your exact opinion on everything is either brainwashed or indoctrinated?

Nice theory you have there...

Its not a theory its  part of the studies of psychology and behavior.

Why do so many people like to jump to conclusions....

Help me to understand you please. Or at least your definition of opinion.

Is it just an opinion when I say that:
pink is not a female color and blue not a male one?
or skirts are not female either?
or that a women is not less of a women if she has short hair?
or that a man is not less of a man if he hates football and loves cheerleading?
or that pilot/soldier is not a male job and nurse/secretary not a female one?
or that color is not for kids only?
or that some adults advoid colors because they think its childish?
or that I saw a video about a comedian and his audience?
or that some adults love Disney?
or that some people on earth are not smart?
(please NOTE I am not saying you questioned all of this I am just listing some examples.)

And as far as I know I never said "ALL PEOPLE" or "EVERYONE" but I used stuff like "alot of people" or "people" as in "dogs like bones" (which obviously does not mean ALL)

Man sometimes I really like how people put words in other peoples mouths....

I am going to work now and also have no real interest in this conversation because its needlessly tiring.

Have a nice weekend.

and btw all humans are brainwashed (it starts at day1 of our life and even affects stuff like pronounciation/dialect etc) Its not ill-intended brainwashing as seen on TV tho. Its just normal brainwashing called being influenced.

naruball said:
JazzB1987 said:

The only thing insulting here is your attitude and the ignorance that you display.

Calling people drones and "simple"? That's beyond rude. It's sad to see someone so close minded that he can't get that some people like things about games that he doesn't. 

How exactly can someone like Assassin Creed Unity's 20fps? You might accept it but its not really something you can like. (well you can like it compared to 10fps tho)
Thats the whole point of my comment. You also completely missed the point.

Do you work in a maketing department? You learn that 90% of people are "simple" and are easily influenced. Thats why marketing works. There is still 700million left.
Saying that 90% of humans are simple is as rude as saying someone killed a pig to make Salami. Its no an insult or rude when people are that way on their own. Everyone can educate oneself and then leave that 90% group.

I mean I never talked about a specific person or game at all and as far as I am concerned chances are pretty low that one person like that would find his/her way to this website simply because there is no reason for someone like that to even think about joining a website like that. (I saw an add about game X i will buy it oh wait I can also go and join random internet site to talk about sales.)

And I never saw people that say "This game has no bug. Its not stuttering at all, I am happy to get gamstop specific content" on any website/forum before, So why do people care if i call some random person a drone or not?

Btw thanks for directly calling me ignorant and close minded.

You see what you want to see I see what I want to see lets just agree to disagre. I wont add a reply to this "reply chain" also wont read whatever is written here. Have a nice weekend.

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JazzB1987 said:

Why do so many people like to jump to conclusions....

Good question, why do you jump to so many conclusions about other people JazzB1987?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8749702

GTA V is pretty colorful since is set in a fictional sunny and colorful southern California and that sold a mega ton.

People just don't like colorful games with life and character I guess. It's a shame that the market is this way now. SO is such a good looking game. I think the issue is with a colorful art style, you have to bring something totally new to the table. Wind Waker for example, not the best selling Zelda but it brought something new. Gritty dark games are taking over because it's what's portrayed as "cool" now. I feel that with games like Mario, they still sell well enough, but it isn't anything you haven't seen before. Pokemon, in your example, is completely invalid as XY have sold 13M copies so far.

Also, it doesn't have to do with the game all the time. Sometimes it is the console it is on. Wii U and Xbone aren't at the same level that PS is. Xbone is geting there but Wii U will have its own specified market. I plan on doing color worlds as I pursue my career in 3D/Character Design/Scenario Writer. It's who I am. But with colorful games now, quite contrary to Miyamoto, they have to be closer to film in the sense of dialogue and voice. There has to be an incentive to play the game just like there has to be an incentive to go and watch Big Hero 6.

Gaming is changing overall, and I don't mind it at all. Worlds are becoming darker and more depressive but it's what people like so I won't shoot them down for that. As a cartoonist, my premise isn't like a realist. I want to take what's real and turn it into an experience that can't be found in the real. I find that aspect of cartoons to be very enjoyable. But realism is nothing to sneeze at either. Being able to create photorealistic worlds and people is quite remarkable but from my standpoint I'm like "I see this everyday". From there I try to take the humor and interactivity from that and it ultimately becomes a colorful cartoon. It saddens me that color is going out of style but I blame lack of creativity for that. There are some really creative realist based gaming projects like Destiny and Mass Effect which I respect because FPS are really starting to do more than they have been able to do gameplay and story wise. I feel very deeply about this because I want to do a colorful game in the future and I fear that there won't be a market for that and I'll have to adapt into 3D film instead.

It is possible that the frequent use of cartoony graphics in phone games cheapens the games in some peoples eyes. But people still buy Zombie games.

Would need more evidence.

Edit: Correct me if I'm wrong but the bulk of shovelware is colourful too.

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I will never buy this argument as long as Nintendo is still in business and making money.

Their entire first-party lineup depends on "colorful games" selling well.

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Rogerioandrade said:

No room for imagination anymore. Games are all about grim, dark, brown environments.

That´s just too bad. It is like if games are not about escapism and fun anymore. I personally don´t like what the industry marketing is doing to games.

i´m 38 years old and I think the world - as it is - is gray enough. When playing a game, I´d rather choose fantasy worlds that make our imagination flow rather than worlds that try to mimic reality. Of course that´s not to say that realistic games can´t be good, but i feel bored of seeing it on so many videogames, it makes many games seems so similar in atmosphere and even on graphics.  I´d rather choose art style over realism in videogames.

Maybe many gamers think that they need this, they need gray, realistic, M-rated games for proving other people that the videogame is "something serious" and that they´re "not kids anymore", and the industry marketing tries to sell those games on that perspective. I feel that this discussion may somehow end in that famous C.S. Lewis quote....

I agree with everything in your post.

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Colourful games sell a lot, cartoony games don't sell as much. GTA V, Uncharted 2 and AC II are all colourful games which have sold well. Grey games don't sell as much as colourful games, like Killzone (a grey game) vs Halo (a colourful game).

gigantor21 said:
I will never buy this argument as long as Nintendo is still in business and making money.

Their entire first-party lineup depends on "colorful games" selling well.

Maybe it depends on the audience they're aiming for.

A Mature rated game like Sunset Overdrive with those visuals doesn't exactly appeal to the masses regardless of how fun the game is.

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Nem said:

For the most part its the sad truth we live in today, and the reason why i have a Nintendo system. PS4/X1 are too geared towards the grey/brown games. While i do like some of that, i wouldnt be able to stomach only that.

When it released on the X1 Sunset probably doomed itself. The Xbox croud is the croud that reveals the "bro" characteristics the most because it was a console born of a shooter - Halo.
The game would probably have done much better on the PS4 i believe, probably on the Wii U aswell. It was a bad fit in target audience.

With bayonetta 2 and devils third Nintendo is slowly going to that direction. And lets not forget E3 2012. They wanted to have those grey third party games in Wii U.