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Should Polygon now do this to all games?

Yes 109 61.24%
No 41 23.03%
Samuel L 'Mother F*cking... 26 14.61%

First up, yes I agree that review scores should evolve along with a game. I think it's a great idea. But that's not where my issue lies.

The DriveClub server issue is inexcusable. A game that has to rely so heavily on the use of online needs to make sure that its servers are perfect day 1. It's not like that they weren't given a whole extra year to polish the game.

And I know that I'm a little late to the party to complain about Polygon but I just got the time to write about it. Like I said I don't blame Polygon for downgrading the score but they have to live by this rule from now on, and they have opened up a whole huge can of worms. If Polygon want to change scores because the state of the game changes then are they willing to upgrade the DriveClub review score when it receives the planned update that will introduce weather effects like snow, thunder & lightning and rain?? Will they upgrade the score if more free tracks and cars are introduced?? What about other games that constantly get improved and expanded??

This means that they will have to upgrade their review score for every game that improves over time, and almost every game does. As long as the game gets added content and improvements the game must still be relevant to the public and therefore adjust the scores accordingly.

What do you think? It's easy enough to subtract from a score of one game but can they be fair and upgrade the DriveClub when it improves and of course do this to ALL games

I disagree that a game's review needs to be upgraded with every added improvement. Yes adjusting scores is good and I believe it is a step in the right direction but it should not be mandatory to adjust a score just because Bethesda added another horse armor to their next ES. If Naughty Dog brought out Uncharted 2 now I do not believe it would get anywhere near the high score as it did in 2009: games these days may evolve with time but so do our expectation of games.

Unless a very significant overhaul is introduce to agame that change the way it is fundamentally played or enough additional content is added to significantly increase game length I don't believe the score needs to be changed at all.

Right now DC deserves all the bashing it is getting because it's unplayable to many people that actually bought it and Sony deserve all the flame for not only failing to deliver a finished product but also breaking a promise to consumer that bough and subcribed to their system.

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No, reviewing a game and reviewing temporary online launch instability are different things.

The game itself is permanent.

binary solo said:
That's the wrong question. The question should be whether reviews of online dependant games should be reviewed under real world conditions or under pre-release online conditions?

Personally I think what reviewers did with Destiny was the right thing to do and I wonder why reviewers didn't take the same approach with Driveclub. Reviewing an online dependant game under real world conditions will expose any and all flaws and bugs and thus there will be no need to revise the review score later on.

If I'm not mistaken, what happened with Destiny was that Activision/Bungie didn't give reviewers early copies of the game or forcing an embargo that prevented reviews to appear before the game launch.

It wasn't a decision made by reviewers.

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