Is Polygon right to drop DriveClub review score?

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Should Polygon now do this to all games?

Yes 109 61.24%
No 41 23.03%
Samuel L 'Mother F*cking... 26 14.61%

as long as they put the score back to what it was after they fix the server issues.

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Driveclub is quite broken now, but Polygon has never been "right"

Yes, absolutely. If multiplayer is broken, then surely the game doesn't work properly and scored accordingly.

Wagram said:
I think it's fair, but I think it's pretty petty to single out one developer. Why was there never review drops for Skyrim? It only ran at sub 10fps on my PS3. It only had 1,000 bugs and glitches. But Driveclub, has server troubles 5/10!

they've done it for a few other games.... I know simcity was another one.

Skyrim, I'm not sure which one they reviewed it.

Yes, it should be done for every game. But, the review score should go back to its previous score when the server issues are fixed.

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No, I don't think it's right, but because I don't agree with how games are reviewed.

I mean, I understand that when magazines were the only way for us to know about the games and its quality, developers and reviewers would work with unfinished products with the promise of "it will be fixed by launch". It was the only way to have the games reviewed in time for its launch.

The problem is that this practice still exists today with web sites that don't have theproblems of the old magazines. There is no excuse to review a game based on an unfinished product when developers could provide a fully finished code of the game, with the so often news of "the game has gone gold" to make the reviews.

Of course, usually most of the problems are fixed by the time the games are launched, but when it doesn't happen, we have sh!t like this.

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yes, it should be done more,
battlefield 4 should have got it score droppet to,
it would really be better for sites to rereview games after big updates (not paid dlc, that should be scored alone),
but sadly a review of a new game gives a site more travel than a rereview of an "old" game

Yes, it is a bit of a slippery slope, however, they updated the review to be accurate as to when the game released (as opposed to pre release) and as long as they hold that line, I don't see a problem.

It shouldnt be increased when servers are fixed.
That will force developers and publishers to release games that work properly on launch.


I'd still like Polygon to just go away though.

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