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jlmurph2 said:
I'm half-way through level 27, still disappointed.

Sarcasm? Level cap is 20, but you can get gear that boosts your level rating.

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ethomaz said:
ikki5 said:
People playing does not equal good reviews.

Thread is not about reviews.

It is about normal guys playing it because like it... the opposite of some guys that didn't played it are saying.

but it kind of is, people giving their opinion about how disappointed is pretty much their review of the game.

shikamaru317 said:
Wow, that's some bad logic. "People are playing it so it must be good". Nevermind the mediocre meta score and mediocre user scores, lol.

Actually play time is a much better indicator than user scores and reviews of whether a game achieved its goal, i.e. to entertain. Reviews are deeply flawed and it has been proven one too many times already how unreliable they can be.As for user scores, anyone can give a game a score especially if they are salty. We've seen it with countless exclusives or semi-exclusives. 

At least play time shows that people bought and didn't return it after playing it for an hour or two. What the OP seems to want to say is that even if Destiny is a bit disappointing overall, it's nowhere near the huge letdown that people make it out to be. If it was, they'd simply stop playing and return it/resell it.

Just because you disagree with it, it doesn't make it bad logic.

ikki5 said:
People playing does not equal good reviews.

People probably wouldnt continiue to play it if they think the game is bad, so...

Aren't big numbers like these expected from a huge release? Anyway I can say that I'm enjoying the game but it still didn't meet my expectations (which is why I'm hoping the expansions will add a lot of content to the game)

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Well I've probably put around 80 hours into the game, which after only a week since release I'd wager is more than most people. That doesn't mean I'm not disappointed with the game. Obviously it's fun to play, or else I wouldn't have played it as much, but there are simply areas in which it comes up staggeringly short, and I think anybody who's played the game for some time would have to admit to that.

The raid has restored some faith on my part in Bungie though. It was far and away the most well crafted part of this game so far. Shame they couldn't apply some of the interesting design choices there to the rest of the game's missions instead of just repeating "activate dinklebot" here, there, and everywhere else.

disappointed with destiny,why?

shifted 300k PS4's crushing the box dreams in the process with destiny being fun to play too,good stuff all round

congrats destiny

That is a lot of hours of regret! :p

Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
irstupid said:
I always love when someone takes 10 million peoples total time and reduces it to one person.

Somehow 10 million people playing a game means 1 person watche Lord of the Rings a billion times.

I always love how some people don't realize that people have different preferences from themselves.

I.e I don't like it, so it must be a bad game.

You don't understand me.  I'm not saying the game is good or bad, just saying statistics like this, especially only like a week after release are pointless.

All games will have great hours per play session when a game comes out first.  You buy a game, no matter how good or bad you will most likely give it a few hours of your time.  When you have 10 million people, or however many games these hyped up games sell in week 1 these days, that ends up being like 30 million hours in week 1.  Come week 2 those 10 million people may be busy, have another game, or dislike it, or wahtever reason that they can't play.  This will reduce the TOTAL hours down.  But they could still use stats saying that "Active" players average is still 3 hours, cause people who are playing are still playing that length.  Forget that some are no longer playing, for wahtever reason.

I could go on and continue bringing up stats that are deceptive about what may or may not be going on.

Again says nothing about whether the game is good or not. 

Being disappointed doesn't mean the game is unplayable, I think the fact that some people also paid full price for the game means they might as well give it a fair run.

It just isn't genre-defining or next-gen, even though they advertised it so.