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Games sell Gaming Consoles.

Many people I know are holding out getting an Xbox One because of price, Games and even a console redesign.

Many people who want the Xbox One don't see a reason to get one at the moment.

Games sell Gaming Consoles. 

There are 3 big games that many Xbox Fans are waiting for before they purchase an Xbox One.

A true next-gen call of duty game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo 5: Guardians, and a new Gears of War.

The first of these games will launch this holiday season with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Microsoft went out of their way to make sure there is a Call of Duty bundle for this call of duty game, showing how important Microsoft

thinks this game is for the sales of the Xbox One.

So far only the Xbox One version is being showed. A true next-gen Call of Duty Game is what Millions of Xbox fans are waiting for

to purchase an Xbox One, so I expect a dramatic rise in Xbox One Console sales upon release and the months after release of this game.

I expect with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to help Xbox One Outsell the Playstation 4 this Holiday season in (America), depite the 

fact that the game is also coming to the Playstation 4.

Halo 5: Guardians is the next major game millions of Xbox fans are waiting for before they purchase an Xbox One. This game will be released

Holiday 2015, another game which I believe will help Xbox One outsell the Playstation 4 during the holidays in America.

A new Gears of War is another game millions of Xbox fans are waiting before they purchase and Xbox One. This game will be released Holiday

2016, another game which will help Xbox One Outsell the Playstation 4 during the Holidays in America.

Now I realize that many of these Xbox gamers are fans of all three games. But I believe these 3 games will help boost Xbox One sale during

the holidays and I believe these 3 games will help Xbox One out sell Playstation 4 during those holiday periods.

Now there are other variables that can stop this from happenning, Sony can and will most likely drop the price of the Playstation 4 by

holiday 2015 and Holiday 2016, but so can Microsoft with the Xbox One.

Many people feel there is no way Xbox One can catch the Playstation 4 in consoles sold. But I feel with these 3 games alone , not Including

many other exclusive anounced and unanounced games like RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER, I believe Microsoft have even more big name

franchises they will try to secure to help boost Xbox One sales. There are rumors of the games such as the next RESIDENT EVIL being a

timed Exclusive.

And don't forget Microsoft is spending over a billion dollars this generation to secure Exclusive games.

I believe for the next 3 holiday seasons and beyond, Xbox one will outsell the Playstation 4 in America

enabling the Xbox One to at least catch the Playstation 4 in Worldwide Sales by holiday 2016.

I also believe Playstation 4 Sales will slow next year, while Xbox One Sales will remain steady, Just my opinion!

Time will tell, but these are just some of my thoughts.


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I expect the new Call of Duty to boost PS4 more than XOne. I expect Uncharted 4's boost to match, if not out perform, Halo 5's boost. We barely know anything about 2016.

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PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

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Not gonna happen