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Dorohedroro is getting an anime?  Why didn't I know about this?  Please, please let it be as amazing as the manga.

There really is no way to explain it well.  The main character lives in a giant and lawless city.  He has a lizard head.  He doesn't know why he had a lizard head or who he really is but if he bites someone else's head, there is a human head inside his mouth that tells him if the biten person is the one he's looking for, presumably to get this real head and life back.  Maybe. 

Meanwhile, magic users, each one with a particular power, come to his world to experiment on humans.  Lots of things going on in the magic user world, where the ruling crime family is having a lot of problems--one of which is that a guy with a lizard head keeps killing their members when they go to the human world.

That's just a very rough starting point.  It's violent and imaginative.  It's kind of like Berserk if the author was really into writing while experimenting with drugs.

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Finally some imouto action in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Can't wait for the next episode.
One Punch Man is also finally heating up.
An Hitoribocchi is in best form as well.


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Bocchi is happiness.  I smiled from start to finish.  

I think I'm going to watch it again.

Iseki is a pretty tired genre so it's kind of amazing that people can still create clever and original stuff from it.  "An Observation Record of my Fiancée - A Self-Proclaimed Villainess" does that very well, even though it's a variation of the "girl from Japan reincarnated in an Otome game world" subgenre.  The main reason is that the reincarnated Japanese girl isn't the protagonist.  That throws a big wrinkle into the tapestry, especially since the reincarnated girl is a dummyhead.  She's really cute, though.  The thing is, she realizes she's supposed to be the villain, at least in the game she played, so she's decided to be evil and take the fall so that the Prince (her favorite character in the game) can end up happily ever after with the real heroine.  Of course, the Prince doesn't care about all of that, and finds his villainess fiance to be fun and interesting.

I marathoned Ao-chan Can't Study over the weekend. Well a marathon for 6 half-length episodes doesn't mean much...but I got caught up anyway.

I'm pleasantly surprised by it. The description didn't really do it justice...it's really cute. The misunderstandings are funny and characters are really amusing, especially the main girl and her dirty mind. I can't help but laugh at her tiny dad and how his voice changes.

Definitely my biggest surprise, and my best ship of the season. Also favorite anime this season about not being able to study. Heh heh heh.

Halfway into the season...everyone have their likely AOTS yet? Or is it too close to call? @_@

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Hitoribocchi is AOTS and it's not even close.

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Geez, it was like last week there was a sad anime contest between Bocchi, Bungo, and Fruits Basket all of a sudden. I mean Fruits won of course, but still was harsh watching them all after each other. Needed like 15 minutes of Chitoge art searching to get back to my usual spirits.

That Yaiba ending was...damn. Didn't think it would escalate that quickly. Hiding in plain sight makes for a pretty terrifying villain, like Gus in Breaking Bad. Though did they have hats like that in feudal Japan? Or is this more modern than I give it credit for?

Decided to watch We Can't Study till the end at this point, though it's kinda so-so for me. It's probably above-average for the harem genre, I guess, but it feels a bit formulaic and kinda overuses 'tell not show' storytelling to get around having 3-4 girls to focus on. It feels like each girl has one or two satellite girls who only seem to exist to comment on the main girls' feelings changing. They're like bannermen to lords in Game of Thrones exist...only probably less traitorous. Oh well, it makes me chuckle sometimes so there's that. Also sensei is amazing, wish she appeared more often.

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I think I dropped Fruits Basket after like three episodes. I didn't really mean to but the main character got on my nerves SO BAD that I just kind of never went back. I wanted someone to punch a personality into her but then she'd probably just be like, "thank you so much, that's a big help." I should pick it up again because I really liked the first episode.

Geez, though, it's so hard to believe that Bocchi's voice actress is a rookie. Her crying was perfect.

Yaiba jumps back and from from really interesting and intense to generic shounen where it doesn't matter if anything makes sense. I laughed at the part where he was like, "oh, yeah, I need to breathe." More imouto, less forgettable protagonist.

The original Fruits Basket was already bad. That whole hype machine around the reboot is just nostalgia from people who liked the original because their experience with anime was very limited. It was also one of my first animes and I kinda liked it because I had limited contact with romance animes, but it was also really boring and one of those animes where I had to check the playtime because the episodes seem to drag on forever.

I didn't even bother with the new one. Reverse harem isn't my style anyway.

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Oy been really busy so I can't watch much anime. To make matters worse I have been watching some bad anime, as I don't like dropping shows. Many shows can redeem themselves pretty easily for me, but not so lucky with Basilisk The ouka ninja scrolls.

I watched:

Baki (2018) (26 episodes): This show is at least entertaining if you like ridiculous fighting like I do. Overall, a ton of meh, but this show isn't for the story, setting or characters. It is also easily watchable without watching the past seasons, which I have not.

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls (24 episodes) : This show also doesn't need the past series. But seriously just watch the original Basilisk as this show doesn't come close. The original Basilisk was entertaining and brutal, but this show was just boring aside from maybe 5 episodes. Within those 5 entertaining episodes, nothing made sense, and things were added in for absolutely no reason.

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I noticed that Hitoribocchi is actually terribly directed. The execution is as clumsy as it gets. It feels like I'm literally watching animated manga panels. The entire show is carried by the source material and the stellar voice cast. Now I'm imagining a world where it's made by KyoAni, they know how to properly adapt 4koma.

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