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Kuksenkov said:
Been watching the following Claymore, Gunslinger Girl, Durarara!!, Disgaea, Black Cat. Dropped Disgaea because its garbage, Black Cat is almost as boring and I might drop it too.

Gunslinger Girl is interesting, the setting is Italy (I'm currently studying Italian, so bonus points for that), and although the main idea of "girls were trained to be killing machines" isn't very compelling, the series hasn't really focused on that and instead decides to explore a little bit of the girl's pasts and present life. There's drama but it all feels so... Calm, not rushed at all. And the ending theme is awesome (sampled a Faure song).

Durarara!! Isn't what I expected. Thought it would be some crazy over the top fighting or comedy series, but it's definitely something else. Which is interesting because I see what they're doing with their approach to storytelling, and I expect all these events/side plots to intertwine at one point. I've been taking my sweet time with this, but once I get a free weekend I'll catch up with it.

And Claymore is awesome. It's shounen, but not as annoying or generic as 98% of this type of series. Claire isn't exactly compelling, but I don't hate her. It's entertaining and there is a couple of storylines hidden underneath the flashy combat scenes.

If you haven't already, watch Baccano!  Same author as Durararara.   It's more action-packed and has a tighter focus but the ensemble style casting is similar.  Most of the story in the present takes place on a single train, though much of the setup is told through flashbacks, so it's always dancing through time.  It has some really awesome characters.

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^ I've been meaning to, but so far I've only found one legal way to watch, and it's by buying episodes on Google play. Got a long backlog of titles to watch, so I'll watch those instead for the mean time.

I don't know how the Komi-San anime is going to turn out but Najimi is awesome.


As long as Komi-san remains this cute, though, I'm fine.

pokoko said:

Fairy Gone ep. 1 -- Quite disappointing.  There is potential but the writing was so freaking lazy and contrived.  It's the first episode, when else are you going to try?  If it's that shoddy to start with, why would I expect it to improve?  I think my favorite thing was when EVERYONE IN THE TOWN DISAPPEARED.  Giant things are fighting and tearing stuff up and everyone is asleep?  I don't even know.

Bocchi ep. 2 -- Honestly, I was a bit worried after ep. 1 even though I knew it was mostly an introductory episode.  However, ep. 2 dispelled all my worries.  It was both ridiculously cute and very funny.  Bocchi bravely blowing her recorder in the face of the supernatural was awesome and I'm pretty sure Nako-chan is one of my summon monsters.

Nako-chan pouting.  

Feel the same about these two. Fairy Gone looks like something I would enjoy on paper but the first episode just felt really...bland. I felt like I could use Haki because I was predicting everything a minute before it happened. Other than having the MC and her edgy former friend being girls this time, I feel like I've seen this setup so many times before it didn't really impress me. I'll give it another episode or two to see what direction it goes...at least the OP is really good.

And Bocchi is freaking hilarious. Dunno what I laughed at more, the long mostly irrelevant story, the random recorder, or unfortunate hanger girl trying to play off her namesake.

Also I finally know your signature source.


Feel like I mostly have my season figured out. Too lazy to add reasons but basically:


Kimetsu no Yaiba
Fruits Basket


We Can't Study
Jojo - Part 5
Bungo Stray Dogs


Black Clover
Why are you here, sensei? (Yeah I know)

Potential Drops

Fairy Gone
Rising of the Average Hero in a World of Morons

Also I'll probably watch Attack on Titan 3.5...though I already read the manga so not much to surprise me here other that some fluid fight scenes.

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I rewatched the second episode of Bocchi. I never rewatch anything.

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Super_Boom said:

unfortunate hanger girl 

I love Aru.  She's a fantastic character.  She's smart, kind, friendly ... and a total goofball.  She still tries her very best to improve herself, though.  She often feels down because things seldom seem to go her way but she always manages to pull herself back up. 

It's kind of funny that a lighthearted comedy would have a more complex character than most serious anime.

Oh, and I love how the teacher is terrified of Nako.  

Kunihiko out there saving anime.

So I watched Sarazanmai ep 1. I already was a bit iffy about it and sadly the show even surpassed my fears. It's a great production with great direction but the content and themes are just so off-putting. I would love to explore the beautifully rendered city but not with that kind of cast and premise. I'll guess I have to make due with my real memories of my time in Asakusa.

It's like a reverse Yurikuma.

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Carole & Tuesday bringing the music.  That scene in episode 2 was really, really awesome.

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Ninja girl is just...just great. I liked their ninja run, way better than the Narudo one. Picked up on unfortunate girl's unfortune pretty fast too.

I dropped Fairy Gone and the After show whose name I already forgot. The first might pick up later but the second episode was so bland and generic it felt like a parody anime. Only it wasn't that funny.

Also finished Galko a few days ago. Was short but funny. Never have heard so many sex jokes in a cute girl show before, but it was amusing. 

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