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If you ask real game-haters, they will think you're immature whether you play Mario Kart or Skyrim...

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If an adult is weird for having fun in a virtual colorful world, then I'm afraid the jury is out of whack.

Fun is for all ages, so long as the fun and colorful themes don't sap into cheesiness.

I hope I'll still be weird into my retirement.

The ability to copy and paste text from Stack Exchange is not a license to be a dick.

No one has read the OP i see.

damn when i hit 30... i dont mind being branded weird... cause guess what i have been weird all my life.

at least i wasnt one of those 8 year old who say f*g or n*gg*r all day on call of duty.


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I'll still be happy playing Nintendo games with 30, 40, 50 or whatever age.
Fuck what people have to say, if it's of my taste I'll do it. Call me weird, I'll still be a happy weird gamer, no problem.

Also, violent games don't generate violent people, if a individual can't make a distinction between pixels and polygons to real life he's already messed up enough, videogames have nothing to do with it don't try to blame them.

bubblegamer said:
No one has read the OP i see.

I have.

what to do? screw em. do what you want to do

elazz said:
Than it is good to be weird ;)

This. In my case, a PhD, a complex Masters title, head lawyer of the largest technology company in my country. Plus, fluent English, good German, some Italian besides my mother tongue. I'm such a weird screw-up at age 38.

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bubblegamer said:
No one has read the OP i see.

lol  Exactly.