Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Has Nintendo run out of ideas for new IP's?

It's been a lot since there has been a good IP.

Wanna know what you think.

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This game sounds promising!


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Looks like they just announced a new ip.

Edit: Dammit Jizz, you're fast.

...was this intentional?

You can't be serious, they just announced a new IP like 10 minutes ago.

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Splatoon, Codename Steam, Captain Toad (pseudo new IP)...we've gotten 2.5 over the last two days, I don't think now is the time to complain

Troll thread?

Edit - Are you aloud to call threads "troll threads" on here? I forget...

He said a good IP, we don't know if this new one is good or not yet.
To me, Nintendo just don't deliver a really good new IP since the 90's... that's totally unacceptable.

alexesquedabananas said:

It's been a lot since there has been a good IP.

Wanna know what you think.

A lot?

Xenoblade = 2010 (Japan) 2012 (EUA) is a fuck*ng awesome new IP.
The Wonderful 101 = a fuck*ng 2013 IP. Come on, a PAST YEAR IP.

Now we have Splatoon who looks awesome too.

Why people like to say that?

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I don't know, I like their new ones. Wonderful 101 was a great game. Splatoon looks like tons of fun. We are hearing information on Project S.T.E.A.M right now