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Do You Like GAF?

Yes 112 52.58%
No 54 25.35%
Indifferent 47 22.07%

They're good for GIFs and information but some of their more known members certainly have some sort of god complex.

That's why I find it hilarious that Gaf didn't get into E3 this year.

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It is the closest thing we have to a community of 'insiders' it is far from perfect but most rumours that end up being true comes from gaf. Sur they may be too cool for school kinds but they are at least dedicated to the industry.

Yeah, I go there all the time although I don't post much. I check out a lot of threads but only post in some of the retro gaming threads.

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Zkuq said:
Haven't really been to the place unless I've seen links leading there but generally haven't seen anything wrong with it. Well, except for my impression of them having some VGChartz hate, which to an extent is probably reasonable but not to the extent they practice it. But who am I to talk, I don't even use the site...

You can't blame them, VGZchartz is litterly just guessing the numbers. Of course, they are logical guesses, but nothing proffesional. A few weeks ago they had Spiderman for the XBone on 40k sales, while it wasn't even launched. 

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I do, even have an account there but I can't access it as I somehow messed up when changing password and the "forgotten password" routine doesn't work for me(if someone can help me I'll be truly grateful)

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they took makingmusic476 from us... i can't forgive them for that..


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I never actually been there myself so everything I heard about Neogaf is whispers and myth. It seems that have good sources however, the members seem like 30-40 virgins who are way too invested in the console wars.


I post on GAF all the time (their mobile website is awesome!), about 90% of my posts there are in the Super Smash Bros 4 megathreads though. Like everywhere - most users are ok, some are pretty big idiots.

Honestly feels like VGC but with more users to me (minus weekly sales discussion)

KHlover said:
their mobile website is awesome!

Can't disagree on that.. wish ioi would let gnac or someone else write a css template for mobile use just for the forums.. so a lot of nonsense would be taken out and the forums would be usable on mobile


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

I'm a member so yeah.