Hideki Kamiya Finds Out that the PS4 Isn’t Backwards Compatible, Calls it “Malicious"

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Hideki Kamiya has been working exclusively on the Wii U for a while, and apparently he hasn’t been very much in touch with the news about the PS4. Today he finally discovered that Sony’s new console isn’t backwards compatible, and didn’t really t

ake it well.

The PS4, does it play downloaded games transferred from the PS3?

Another Twitter user responded that it’s not possible and Kamiya-san continued:

Eh? You can’t?

Hey Hey… The hardware in the fool’s room only keeps increasing…

Why did you do something so malicious Sony-paisen…

["paisen" is a flipped version of "senpai," which means "senior," and is often used by youngsters to mock their seniors]

Does it have the arcade classics or did the PS4 just launch like this?

So those that bought a PS4 did they also keep their PS3?

He actually went on complaining about it for quite a while, for instance on how they occupy two HDMI ports. To be fair, it sounds a lot funnier in Japanese then it does in English, since Kamiya-san has a very peculiar way of writing (and it’s also hell to translate).

One thing is for sure, Kamiya-san isn’t the only one that didn’t react too happily at the lack of backwards compatibility of the PS4 (or of the Xbox One), but it’s funny to see a prominent game developer so surprised considering the radical difference in architecture between the two generations.



kamiya doing his thing xD


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I imagine with an angry face.

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Man I wish I understood Japanese just so I could read his tweets =P

Damn when will this douche shut his mouth?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Hideki Kamiya is a bit of a dick. I remember he got pretty nasty with some people who asked him if they were developing an Xbox One exclusive after the ntkrnl leak said they were. It was a simple question and he could have responded with the typical "We do not comment on rumors and speculation" but instead he acted pretty dickish.

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How stupid is he to just find this out?

I love this guy!!! *claps*


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bubblegamer said:
How stupid is he to just find this out?

How does that make him stupid?

My Bayonetta 2 purchase got confirmed once more.

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Is it really such a good idea to start throwing hate at Sony? Seems like he's burning his bridges to me. What is he going to do if Bayo 2 flops on Wii U? If he pisses off Sony enough he'll be stuck on Wii U, Xbox One, or making multiplat games for both.