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In tonight's Q&A session following the overall presentation Iwata was asked about the next console. Iwata's reply was that they cannot release a new console until they've satisfied the existing WiiU owners otherwise they'd be similar to SEGA.

Additionally, earlier today Nintendo discussed new hardware in terms of fiscal years and it was clear in that presentation that FY16 or more than likely FY17 was when we'd see something. 

Next you have to consider the known games coming. MK8, SSB, Hyrule Warriors, X, Bayonetta2 and many others are this year. Zelda, yarnyoshi, and many others are known already for 2015. Then we have the tease of two major games at this E3... one that will prove soloplayer must-have gamepad use and one based around the new NFP figurines. As well as the mention today that many other games will be announced at E3.

Finally, we also learned today that Wii U hardware on its own is now profitable. Meaning that even at low sales, its still making money on its own even without a single game sale. 


What this all means is that Nintendo is not going to abandon a low selling profitable console and risk ruining its relationship with current Nintendo core. Instead they will continue to support the console for a normal life span which is commonly at least 5 years or 2017.

With the current pace of Wii U sell-through, I've been stating I believed we'd see something new in 2015 with a launch in 2016. NOW I am back to the original pre-WiiU launch belief that we won't see a new Nintendo home console until holiday 2017 and it may be shown to world in 2016 at the earliest.

So stop with the redesigned WiiU/gamepad-less design/etc crap. Nintendo is not going to make the same mistake SEGA did and kill of a main console early. It's not going to drop the biggest benefit the console has. Its now setup to make marginal to great profits while it prepares for a normal time frame between generational hardware launches.


EDIT May 13th...


It appears new info is surfacing to prove my point.

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Wii U will probably be profitable this fiscal year and onward so why cancel it?

I wonder what they will do for 2016 though.

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They wouldn't be able to release a proper "console" until late 2016 at the earliest anyway, Nintendo is super slow in being able to do anything. 

They will release a Fusion handheld/home use hybrid in late 2015 IMO, one that will enable them to port certain Wii U games so they can double dip and expand sales of some of those games that were held back by the low Wii U userbase. 

Their big play will be that QOL platform thing, those two platforms are likely where they are focused on behind the scenes.

I think Wii U actually will probably be their last traditional home console anyway to be honest. Their next "home play device" will just be their next-gen handheld chip (whether you can play directly off the handheld to the TV or need a hub to do so, who knows). 

This has been obvious for months. Is mostly sony fans the ones that are trying to make everybody else believe that the Wii U will be killed in 2016 or even sooner, but that just isn't happening.

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Wasn't it common sense that they wouldn't abandon the Wii U?

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I predicted they'd show a new console or at least there would be rumours of new console in 2016 and it would release in late 2017. I stick by that.

It would be a good idea for Nintendo to not cancel the Wii U only a year after it gets it's heavy hitting games like some people are suggesting. I'm not surprised by this at all, but it's nice to hear it from the source.

Although, that source is kinda sketchy sometimes.

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They are starting to make a profit on the Wii U as I have read. So, really no point on jumping off the train. They are doing it right by satisfying the Wii U gamer, and allowing the Nintendo faithful to stick with them. Conservative and smart.

That's how Sega died; pulling the plug on the struggling Saturn too soon and burning their core fanbase.

I just hope that 2014 will be the year where the wiiU actually shows it can breathe again and so far, it seems as those it will provided e3 goes right


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