I'm a Graphics Whore, and I'm not alone.........

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Are you a Graphics Whore ?

No way. 27 15.52%
Yes and proud. 58 33.33%
I don't care, bring back the Dreamcast. 9 5.17%
Gameplay is King. 79 45.40%
DevilRising said:

A bad looking game that plays great can still be a great game.

A great looking game that plays like shit, is still a shitty game.


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No matter how good looking a game is, it all comes to naught if I cannot enjoy it enough to continue.

Graphics were important as they used to enhance gameplay itself. One example is the jump from 2D to 3D which opened the door to infinite new gameplay possibles.

As of late, they don't do much to introduce new gameplay mechanics. The last game I felt graphics really mattered was Shadow of The Colossus but generally they're nowhere as essential to me as Gameplay or Story.

Eh. I am more of a gameplay guy!

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